Top 10 Best DJ Mixing Software To Use On PC For Beginners

If you are a professional DJ or a beginner then DJ mixing software for PC can make things easier for you. In this era, everything is digital even DJs always carry laptops with them.

In this article, we will discuss the best software for DJ mixing for PC users.

What To Look Out For In The Best DJ App for PC

  • The DJ mixer should be an efficient library manager so you can access your Mixes easily.
  • It should be compatible with the controller you are using.
  • Make sure you can play tracks using streaming services.
  • Choose an affordable DJ app for PC.
  • Look for efficient customer support.
  • The DJ Software should be trustworthy.
  • Good ratings and reviews on the internet.
  • It should have a large community where you can discuss your problems.
  • The software should have effects to enhance your Mix.

Top 10 Best DJ Mixing Software For PC:

Here is the list of the best DJ software for beginners who have a PC:

1. Mixxx

Price: Free

Developer: Russell Ryan

Compatible For: Windows, Linux, macOS

mixx music mixer software

Mixxx is one of the most popular DJ mixing software for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is an open-source software that is continuously evolving.

Here are the main features of this DJ app for PC:

  • Musical key detection and BPM to help you choose the next audio from your system.
  • Add support to HID or MIDI hardware.
  • In-built audio effects.
  • Control your playback with vinyl records.
  • Supports multiple audio formats.

2. Serato DJ Lite

Free Version: Yes

Pro version: $9.99/month,

Developer: Steve West and AJ Berstenshaw

Compatible For: Windows, Mac

Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Lite is an advanced DJ software for PC users. It is available in many versions so beginners and professionals can use it in their mix.

Here are the main features of this DJ mixer:

  • Find music in the software.
  • Start using it for free.
  • Practice mode to learn.
  • Easy Upgradation.
  • Different versions of software

3. Mixpad Free

Free Version: Yes

Pro Version: $69.95

Developer: NCH Software

Compatible For: Windows

nch dj software

NCH Software is a very popular developer. They have developed multiple software for the music industry and Mixpad is another gem from the collection.

Here are the main features of the DJ mixing software:

  • Record as much audio as you want.
  • Record more than one track at once.
  • In-built beat designer to make your audio better.
  • Burn to CDs and upload later.
  • Detect tempo automatically.
  • Support VST plugin
  • Wonderful audio effects to make your mix more interesting.

4. MAGIX Digital DJ

Free Version: Yes

Pro Version: $39.99

Developer: Magix AG

Compatible For: Windows, Mac

Image Source:

With Magix Digital DJ you can do wonders. Using this software you can do most of the things that you can not do at the spinning track. It is available in multiple languages i.e.English, German and Spanish.

Here are the main features of the software for professional & beginner DJs.

  • Can work on many controllers.
  • Auto-suggest similar sounds
  • It can easily record loops.
  • Easy management of songs.
  • Access your iTunes library.

5. Image Line FL Studio 12

Free Version: Yes

Pro Version: $99.99

Developer: Image Line Software NV

Compatible For: Windows, Mac

Image Line FL Studio 12

FL Studio 12 is a feature-rich software for aspiring DJs. It might be one of the oldest software for DJs. They have been developing music software for a long time.

Here are the main features of this best DJ mixing software-:

  • Picker Pane to select and manage clips.
  • Virtual MIDI controller.
  • See the length of the selection
  • Turn any patcher or channel into a direct wave patch.
  • Lock and unlock playlist tracks

6. Audacity

Price: Free

Developer: Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg

audacity music software
Image Source: Wikipedia

Audacity is a popular audio editing software that also provides the feature of mixing. This tool is free of cost and will help you become a good DJ at the start of your career.


  • Convert Tapes,
  • Record Music
  • Edit audio
  • Record Calls

Audacity is open-source software. You should read the terms of use before using this software.

7. MAGIX Music Maker

Free Version: Yes

Pro Version: $$59

Developer: Magix Software GmbH

Compatible For: Windows

magix music mixer software

This is another music creation tool by Magix. This software is very popular among music producers. According to the website, it has 6M users worldwide. This music maker software is very useful for DJs.

Here are the main features of Magix Music Maker for DJs:

  • Create a Mix by dragging loops.
  • Record tracks.
  • Use inbuilt effects to your music in order to make it more interesting.
  • Song Maker AI to help you suggest beats.
  • Multiple popular instrument sounds.
  • This is the perfect DJ mixer software for professionals and beginners.

8. Cross DJ 4

Free Version: Yes

Pro Version: Cross DJ 4- $49.90, Cross DJ Pro- $99.90,

Developer: Mixvibes

Compatible For: Windows, Mac

cross dj 4 dj mixing

Cross DJ is one of the best DJ apps for PC. It has a very nice music-mixing feature for PC users. Using this software DJs can make and perform their music.

Here are the main features of this DJ mixer app for PC:

  • An ample of audio effects to give your mix a professional studio feel.
  • With this software, you can easily access your SoundCloud Go collection.
  • Allows customizing UI for better accessibility.
  • Tweaker to create your own effects.

9. Partycloud Online

dj mixer online

If you don’t want to download any DJ software on your PC then you can use an online tool. is the best free online music mixing tool. The tool is hosted online on a website.

It is powered by SoundCloud music and iWeb music mixer.

The tool is popular among DJs and you can easily access and use it from any country.

10. Pioneer Rekordbox

Free Version: Yes

Pros Version: $99/year, check the official website for different versions.

Developer: Pioneer Pro DJ

Compatible For: Windows, Mac

pioneer rekordbox

No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, Rekordbox will be a great fit for you. Using this software you can make great DJ mixes. It is a cloud-connected software.

Here are the main feature of this best DJ mixing app for PC-

  • Record music seamlessly.
  • Manage music easily.
  • Sync music from your library.
  • Share your Mixes on social media
  • Great DVS system to create high-quality sounds

So, these were the best DJ mixing software for Windows PC users, some of these DJ apps work on Mac and Linux. If you have any other software which you think is the best for DJs then please feel free to share it in the comment section.

What is the best DJ app for beginners?

Answer: Mixx and Serato are great options for beginner DJs.

Which DJ software is easiest?

Answer: Serato and Magix are pretty easy to use.

What software do famous DJs use?

Answer: FL Studio and Abelton are one of the most famous software that DJs use.

How do I start learning to DJ?

Answer: Follow this guide on youtube-.

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