7 Best EXIF & Other Metadata Viewer For Windows, Mac & Online

What is Metadata or Exif data of images?

When you click a photo then it is saved in a digital file on your device. This digital file holds a lot of information about the photo i.e. date, place, camera exposure etc.


What is an Image Metadata viewer?

Using these tools you can easily check metadata of images. These tools are also called photos EXIF viewer. Most of these tools are also able to edit the EXIF data of images.


7 Best Image Metadata Viewer Tools To View, Edit Or Remove Photo’s Exif Data-


  • Photos Exif Editor
  • Accute Photo Exif Viewer


Online Tools-

  • Pic2map.com
  • Linangdata.com
  • Exifmeta.com
  • Theexifer.net


1. Photos Exif Editor

Free Version: Yes


  • For Windows: $29.95
  • For Mac: $4.99

Supporting OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (64 &32 bit) and macOS

photos exif editor

It is an efficient tool to view image metadata on Windows & Mac. Along with viewing EXIF data it has plenty other features which makes it the best EXIF viewer software:

  • View or remove XMP, IPTC.
  • Check or edit EXIF data.
  • View, edit or remove XMP.
  • Supports raw image formats.
  • Manually enter GPS coordinates.
  • Save presets.

As we can see this tool has enough features for users to view, edit, and remove EXIF data of photos. If you want to opt for an EXIF viewer software then this one is the best choice for you.

Get it here

2. Accute Photo Exif Viewer

Free Version: Yes

Supporting OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Vista

accute photo exif viewer

APEV is another popular tool to view EXIF or metadata of images. It has a lot of amazing features to make it a perfect choice.

  • It supports almost every popular image format.
  • Also support print features.
  • Drag and drop feature for convenience.
  • It can show you the Geo location of images.

It is an efficient tool to check metadata of images i.e. EXIF, IPTC, NAA etc.

Download Here


Online Photo Exif & Other Metadata Viewers

3. thexifer.net

Free version: yes

Premium Version: 

It has multiple pricing models in premium version-

  • $ 5.99/month
  • $ 14.99 for 3 month
  • $ 25.99 for 6 month
  • $ 45.99 for 1 year

thexifer metadata viewer

This is the best EXIF and metadata viewer that I could find online. It is available in both free and premium versions.

Features In free version:

  • Editable tags
  • Upload size limit- 25 MB
  • Simultaneous uploads – 5 Files
  • Keywords limit – 200 characters

Features in Premium Version: $5.99/month

In the premium version you will get all the features of the free version with no limitations. Along with this you will also get following features-

  • Batch editing – upto 30 files
  • Cloud batch editing – upto 10 files
  • Support tickets
  • Saved presets by user

It has many other features in free versions like telling the basic EXIF data like, time, date, locating in the map, XMP tags, camera settings etc.

So, as we can see that it is an advanced tool to view metadata of images, if you need premium features like batch processing and batch editing of images then this is the best choice for you. 

4. Pic2map.com

Pic2map is the best online EXIF viewer available online. With the GPS support it can help you locate your photos on the map

pic2map website to view exif data

Here are the main features of this image EXIF reader tool:

  • Find coordinates of the place image taken provided the recording device is capable of geo-tagging.
  • Can tell the date of the image.
  • Can show you the time zone of the image taken.
  • The brand who manufactured the recording device.
  • Information about other components of the device like shutter, lens, ISO speed etc.

This EXIF and metadata checker has plenty of amazing features to make it no.1 tool in the list of online EXIF viewer and the best thing is it is free to use.

5. Linangdata.com

This is another location and EXIF data viewer tool which is available online. You can also find browser extensions of this tool for Chrome and Edge.

linangdata data exif viewer

Here are the main features of this metadata viewer tool:

  • Check date and time.
  • Check white balance.
  • See the orientation .
  • Type of lens that the device used.
  • It can also tell f-number.

The tool is available online for free. The best thing about this tool is that you can check EXIF data using the browser extension, which is more convenient to use than any other online tool.

6. Exifmeta.com

Exifmeta is an easy to use online photo metadata viewer tool available on the internet. The UI of this website is better than other websites.

exifmeta.com viewer

Here are the main features of this metadata checker tool:

  • It supports drag and drop features.
  • You can also copy paste the link of the image to check exif data.
  • Check date and time when the image was taken.
  • Check aperture settings, flash & shutter settings of the recording device.

So, the exif checker tool can tell you enough data required for the image. Drag & drop feature is very convenient to use.

7. exif-viewer.com

This is one of the most popular and basic online EXIF viewer tools. The website design is very basic but it is enough for a normal user.

online exif viewer

Here are the main features of this metadata finder tool:

  • Drag & drop feature to easily upload images.
  • You can also copy paste the URL of the image to view the EXIF data.
  • See date and time of the image taken.
  • See color space and sampling factor.

So, the online tool is very easy to use and will perform the required task easily and quickly.

So, these were the best image metadata viewer and photos EXIF viewer tools available online and offline. Most of these EXIF reader tools are free to use. You can also find the premium versions of “Photos Exif Editor” and “Thexifer.net” in order to access the advanced features.

If you have any other tool in your mind that you think deserves a place in the list then please mention in the comment section, I will check the tool and list if worthy.

Other Online Exif Meta Data Checker Tools

  • Metadata2go.com – online tool
  • Metapicz.com – online tool
  • Exifdata.com – online tool
  • exiftool.org
  • Regex – exif.regex.info/exif.cgi- online tool
  • Jimpl.com – online tool



How can I tell where a pic was taken?

Answer: All of the tools described above in the list are capable of telling the location of the picture taken, provided that the photos EXIF data has not been removed or changed.


How can I see metadata of an image online?

Answer: Thexifer.net is one of the best tools to check metadata of images online.


What is the best EXIF viewer?

Answer: “Photos Exif Editor” and “Acute Photos Exif Viewer” described in the list are the best software to view exif data of images.


Can you edit EXIF data?

Answer: Yes, you can edit exif data with the help of “Photos Exif Editor” and “thexifer.net”.

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