23 Best Software For Teachers To Educate Online [2023]

What is the need for the software for teachers?

Teaching software have made education very easy and interesting through mobile and laptops. Online teaching is getting very popular nowadays. After Covid-19 the online teaching industry saw exponential growth. 

Using efficient software, teachers can make the learning process very enjoyable for students. Also, these tools can help teachers better engage with students and monitor their performance.

Here is the list of the best education software-

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Kahoot!
  3. Edmodo
  4. Ziplet
  5. Schoology
  6. WizIQ
  7. ClassDojo
  8. Classcraft
  9. Socrative
  10. Teacheroo
  11. Edpuzzle
  12. eduClipper
  13. Spelling Test edshelf
  14. Ted-Ed
  15. BigBlueButton
  16. Smallpdf
  17. Pixlr
  18. Zoom
  19. ezTalks
  20. Educreations
  21. Lesson plan maker
  22. Gradekeeper
  23. Animoto

23 Best Teaching Software in 2023

1. Google Classroom

Available For: Android, iOS, Web

Price: Free

Standard Google Workspace for Education: $4 per student per year.

Developer: Google

google classroom

Google Classroom is a very efficient software to help teachers take classes conveniently. Using this software you can create courses. When you start to create a class you get to mention the fields i.e. class name, section, subject, and room. These fields make it easy to track and manage the class.

Features of Google Classroom:

  • Take meetings through video calls.
  • Manage assignments online.
  • Insert other material into assignments like videos from YouTube.
  • Live feedback.
  • Make announcements using class streams.
  • Add parents and guardians.

Get it here

2. Socrative

Available for: Android, iOS, Chrome, Web

Free version: Yes


  • Socrative Pro for K-12 – $89.99/year
  • Socrative Pro for Higher Ed  & Corporate – $179.99


google classroom

Salient Features

  • Create 5 quizzes with the free version and unlimited with the Pro version.
  • 1 Public room for class in the free version and 20 public or private rooms in the Pro version.
  • Launch 1 activity for free and 20 activities in the Pro version.
  • Student strength in the free version is 50.
  • Unlimited student strength in the Pro version.
  • Share quiz with URLs.

As we can see that Socrative has many useful features for teachers to run and monitor classes conveniently.

3. Kahoot

Available for: Android, iOS, Web

Free version: Basic version is Free.

Kahoot! Pro $3/month per teacher

Kahoot! Premium – $6/month per teacher

Kahoot! Premium+ – 6.75/month per teacher

kahoot teaching software

Make the process of learning engaging with the help of this tool. This is one of the best teaching software which helps students to learn through games. You can design quizzes and games with the help of this software.

Salient Features:

  • Analyze the learning process of the class.
  • Collect the opinions of students.
  • Let students play anytime and anywhere.
  • Develop team spirit among students by playing Kahoot in team mode.

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4. Edmodo

Free version: No: 

Premium version: Contact support 

Available for: Windows, iPhone, Android Android.

edmodo software for teachers

Edmodo is a nice software that has different functions and uses for students, teachers, and families. This is one of the best software for teachers which is available on multiple platforms i.e. iOS, Windows, and  Android.

  • A nice communication system between teachers and students.
  • Communicate using posts and messages.
  • Share assignments in digital mode.
  • Create interesting quizzes.
  • Have access to the online community of teachers.

5. Ziplet

Free Version: Ziplet essential is free.

Ziplet plus: $44.99/year

Ziplet is a very nice software that many teachers are using in schools. Using this tool you can connect with your students and help them learn outside the classroom.

ziplet education software

Here are the main features of this teaching software:

  • Check the knowledge gaps using the exit tickets.
  • Send prompts to students with the bell ringers.
  • Create polls to engage with your students.
  • Get anonymous or private responses to SEL prompts.
  • Students can connect without an account.

In the free version, you can take only 3 classes and the maximum student strength is 50

In Ziplet plus you can take unlimited classes and there are only 3 teachers allowed per class.

For more customized access you can contact the official website.

6. Schoology

Free version: Yes

Premium version: contact sales

Available for: Android, iOS, Web


It is one of the most popular K-12 learning management systems. The teaching tool is very advanced and has many benefits for teachers and students. According to the website it has 20M users all over the world.

Here are the main features of this software for teachers-

  • Increase parent engagement
  • Personalized attention to students.
  • This teaching software contains many inbuilt tools for communication.
  • Connect through video conferences and messages.
  • Monitor student progress with assignments and activities.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in teaching.

7. WizIQ

Free version: Yes.

Premium version: visit the website

Available for: Online

wiIQ teaching program

This teaching software offers an easy-to-use virtual classroom. And it is also an affordable learning management system.

  • Create online courses.
  • Take tests and assessments.
  • eLearning analytics.
  • Track your student’s progress.
  • LMS eCommerce.
  • Convenient learning with mobile.

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8. ClassDojo

Available for: Android, iOS, Web

Free version: Basic version is free and allows messaging only.

Price: $59.99 with a 7-day free trial

ClassDojo tool for educators

This is one of the best teaching software in 2023. It has different signup modules. In this software, you can signup as a Teacher, Parent, School Leader, and Student.

  • Share videos and photos of the classroom with parents.
  • Students have their own portfolios where they can share their achievements.
  • Teachers can post the class story and receive feedback from parents.
  • Send messages to all the parents with a single click.

9. Classcraft

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows

Free version: Yes

Pricing: $120/year

Classcraft app for tutors

Classcarft is one of the best education software. It offers a game-based learning system. With this tool, teachers can motivate and teach their students with the help of role-playing games. In this tool teachers and students play different roles and make learning more interesting than ever.

The software has different modules for teachers, students, and School leadership.

Salient Features:

  • Analytics tool to monitor students’ performance.
  • Help students learn important values of life.
  • Easily perform behavioral management in your classroom.
  • Identify the kids who need more attention.
  • You can customize the character of the games.
  • Motivate students by giving them awards.
  • Gives control to the school leadership.

10. Teacheroo

Teacheroo is a website that is online made for teachers. You can join the online teacher’s community and find jobs using this website. 


Primary uses of this website are-

  • Find jobs.
  • Connect with the community.
  • Keep updated with the latest news.
  • Hire teaching staff.

11. Edpuzzle

Free version: Yes,

Pro version: $ 12.50 per month

In the free version, you can access storage space for up to 20 videos.

edpuzle online teaching tool

Edpuzzle is one of the best software for teachers. This software can help educators to create interactive videos. You can integrate videos created by you into your learning management system.

Salient Features:

  • Ed Puzzle to create intuitive video lessons.
  • You can embed questions in your videos.
  • Engage with students in text or audio form.
  • Monitor the performance of your students with the help of advanced analytics.

12. eduClipper

Available for: Online

Price: Free

educlipper software for teachers

eduClipper is one of the best teaching software which helps you create the best content for your students. Using this education software you can find the best content on the internet and accumulate them to create unique, useful content for your students.

eduClipper is a completely free software for teachers.

Salient Features:

  • Make specific groups and send your content to them.
  • Teachers can create portfolios and give assignments to students.
  • Motivate your students with feedback through badges, grades, etc.
  • Multiple users can collaborate to make the best content.

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13. Spelling Test edshelf

Available for: iPhone, iPad, iPod

Price: Free

edshelf spelling test tool

Spelling test is another teaching app provided by edShelf. This is a free-to-use app available for iOS users. Using this education app you can easily make your students better spellers.

Salient Features:

  • Create spelling tests in the easiest way.
  • Record students’ pronunciation.
  • Monitor your performance with scores.

14. TED-ED

Available for: Online

Price: Free

ted ed software for teachers

TED-ED is a completely free online tool for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can use TedEd to educate their students in a more effective and entertaining way.

Salient Features:

  • Create customized lessons with TED-ED animations available on the website.
  • Use TED talks or YouTube videos to create your content.
  • Student Talk program, where your students can share great ideas.

15 BigBlueButton:

Available for: Online

Pricing: Free

BigBlueButton teaching tool

BigBlueButton is an open-source platform built by teachers, for teachers. It is available for teachers and schools. This tool for teachers is evolving day by day with the support of a global network of developers. Also, some companies are providing it commercial support.

Salient Features:

  • This teaching program is available in 25 languages.
  • You can upload any document.
  • Engage students to learn in a collaborative classroom.
  • Teach through videos.
  • Engage with your students with polling.
  • Share your screen with students.
  • A feature to rise hands.
  • Share videos using links.

Other Useful Software for Teachers:

16. Smallpdf

17. Pixlr

18. Zoom

19. ezTalks

20. Educreations

21. Lesson plan maker

22. Gradekeeper

23. Animoto

These were the best software for teachers to educate in a creative and efficient way.

These teaching software will help educators to engage with their students in a better way. Also, these education software will help teachers to monitor the performance of students on their computers or mobile screen.

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