10 Best Typing Software For Windows 10 & 7 PC In 2023 [Free & Paid]

Are you searching for the best typing software for PC? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, I am going to explain the best typing apps for Windows 10 and Windows. These software will also work on other versions of Windows.

Most of these tools are available online so you can use them on an OS i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. You just need to have a good browser installed on your PC.

Many of these typing programs help you learn to type through games to make the learning process interesting.

Tips To Type Faster on PC:

  • Keep your hands in the right position- Index fingers should be at F and J.
  • After some practice, try not to look at the keyboard while typing.
  • Sit in the right posture.
  • Start with small steps.
  • After a week of practice force your mind not to make mistakes.
  • Practice every day.
  • Use the timer on your mobile and set goals.
  • Use typing tools.

What to look out for in a typing program for PC:

  • A basic guide for beginners.
  • Typing practice for single characters.
  • Free trial version.
  • Should highlight the key you are typing.
  • The program should give a detailed report of your performance.
  • The software should have typing games.
  • A good number of typing tests.
  • Huge amount of paragraphs and words to practice.
  • Practice for problematic words and characters.
  • Should have paragraphs of different levels of difficulty.


10 Best Typing Software For PC- Windows 10, 7, And Other Versions

  1. Typesy
  2. KeyBlaze
  3. Typing Instructor
  4. Typing Master
  5. Typing dot com Online Tool
  6. Soni Typing Tutor
  7. Rapid Typing Tutor
  8. TypingBolt
  9. TypingClub
  10. The Typing Cat

1. Typesy

Available for: Windows, Mac, Chrome Machines, iPhone

Full version: $9/month


  • G2: 4.5/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.1/5
  • TopeTenReviews: 4/5

The first PC software for typing in the list is Typesy. This typing tool is very popular among Windows PC users. It has multiple versions i.e.-

  • Education.
  • HomeSchools.
  • Individuals.
  • Business and Team.
  • For CTE.

typesy software

Here are the main features of this tool:

  • It has effective programs to exercise typing.
  • You will get video help from experts.
  • Learn typing with games.
  • Advanced technology to learn type faster.
  • Access professional typing course.
  • Track your performance using analytics.

Typesy is a very easy-to-use and advanced software to learn typing on a PC. 

2. KeyBlaze

Available for: Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows 11, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Free version: Free version is available to use at home.

Premium Versions:

  • KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Plus For Home use- $14.99
  • KeyBlazy Typing Tutor Plus for Commercial Use- $16.97


  • TopTenReviews: 3.5/5
  • Digital Trends: 8/10
  • Softonic: 7/10
  • Softpedia: 3.5/5

KeyBlaze is developed by NCH software. NCH Software is a very popular software developer company, they have developed many useful software for Windows and Mac.

KeyBlaze has different software versions for Home and commercial uses. It also provides free typing software on Windows for home users.

KeyBlaze Typing tool

Here are the features of this typing tool for PC:

  • Useful typing lessons to learn from.
  • Effective exercises to practice i.e. poems and drills.
  • Learn typing with fun using typing games.
  • Practice typing by listening to audio.
  • Practice typing in different time durations.
  • Identify the characters and words that need more practice.
  • Set goals by yourself.

This is an effective typing tool for Windows and Mac. It also provides a version for commercial use.

3. Typing Instructor

Available for: Online tool, Windows, Mac

Price: It has different pricing models

Typing Instructor Gold Software for Mac – $39.95

Typing Instructor Gold For Windows – $39.95

Online Tool-

  • $3.95 for 7 days
  • $6.95 for a month
  • $14.95 for 3 months
  • $29.95 for a year


  • Steam: 7/10
  • CNet: 5/5 (1 vote)

It is one of the best typing software for Windows PC and Macs. It also provides an online tool that you can browse anywhere. Using this tool you can easily enhance your typing skills. This online typing tool is available in the market for the last 28 years. 

According to the official website, it was the best-selling typing software in 2010.

typing instructor


  • It provides 20-plus typing courses.
  • Fun typing games to learn with.
  • Get feedback on your performance in real time.
  • Learn with multilevel games so you don’t get bored.
  • Get a certificate for your achievements and keep yourself motivated.

The software is available online so you can play it using any operating system. This tool provides multiple flexible pricing models so you can choose the most affordable one for you.

4. Typing Master

Available for: Windows 10, 7, and other versions.

Free version: 1 Week Free Trial

Pricing: It has different typing models for different versions.

  • Standard: $19.90 – lifetime license for 2 computers
  • Premium: $29.90 – lifetime license for 3 computers
  • Professional: $24.90 – Lifetime license for 2 computers


  • MouthShut: 3.3/5
  • CNet: 4.2/5

Note: in the  Premium and Professional versions you will get TypingMaster Widget.

This is one of the best software to learn to type on a Windows PC. Typing Master 11 is the latest version of this tool. Using this tool you will get a 1-week free typing course.

Typing Master comes with a widget, which you can choose to keep always on. If you keep the widget turned on then you can analyze and monitor your typing skills while typing anywhere on your PC.

typing master

Here are the main features of this tool:

  • This tool is very easy to use.
  • TypingMeter Widget to keep an eye on your typing speed.
  • Take a test and get certificates for your typing speed and accuracy.
  • Detect keys you are struggling with so your can practice more for them.
  • The typing tool for PC is available in multiple languages.
  • It also shows your typing statistics so you can monitor your progress.

The software is very efficient and the widget is a unique feature of this tool. You can monitor your typing skills while typing emails, excel, Docs, Google Docs, and any third-party website.

5. Typing Dot Com 

Available for: Online tool

Free version: yes

Paid version: $3.79/year


  • Trustpilot: 4.4/5
  • TopTenReviews: 4.5/5

Typing dot com is an online typing tool that you can use on a PC with any browser.  It provides different typing programs for teachers, students and schools. It uses some advanced methods to teach typing. 

typing dot com

Here are the main features:

  • Take the free test on the website.
  • 3 typing levels in the online test i.e. beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Different typing modes i.e. coding (needs upgrade).
  • It tracks your problem keys so you can focus on them.
  • Different typing games to make learning even more interesting.
  • Learn typing with audio.
  • Curriculum for schools or teachers.
  • The service provides multilingual support.

This is a robust typing service that is available for students, teachers, and schools & districts.

6. Soni Typing Tutor

Available for: Windows

Free trial: yes

Pricing: It has different pricing models from 15 days to 1 year.

Soni Typing Tutor is one of the best English and Hindi typing software for Windows PC. According to the official website, there are more than 1 million users. 

soni typing tutor
Image Source: softpedia

Here are the main features of this typing program:

  • 300 + paragraphs and tests to practice typing.
  • Robust desktop application to use conveniently.
  • You will also get instant results from the test you take on this software.
  • You can block the use of backspace.

This is a very nice typing software that helps you learn English and Hindi typing.

7. Rapid Typing Tutor

Available for: Windows

Pricing: Free


  • CNet: 3.8/5
  • DigitalTrends: 8/10
  • Uptodown: 5/5
  • Softpedia: 4.3/5

This is a very efficient typing tool for kids and students to learn typing very easily. It has advanced and customized lessons which will help you get your hands on the keyboard.

rapid typing tutor
Image Source: softonic

Here are the main features of this typing program:

  • Different types of typing courses for different levels.
  • In this software, you will find beginner and introduction courses for keyboard layouts of every type.
  • Advanced and experience courses are available in English, French, German, etc.
  • Learn how to keep your fingers on the keyboard
  • Multiple keyboard types are available i.e. QWERTY, Colemak, BEPO, QWERTZ, ABNT2, Dvorak, AZERTY, BEPO, and Dvorak for the left and right hands.
  • Insert text of any size.
  • The software will also help you track the progress of your learning.

The UI of this software is very basic but the features are very impressive. 

8. TypingBolt

Available for: Online

Pricing: Free


  • CNet: 3.9/5
  • ProductHunt: 5/5

This is one of the best online typing software for PCs. You can easily sign up on the official website and start learning.

typing bolt

Here are the features of this tool:

  • AI-powered tool to understand your needs.
  • You can download your certificate of achievement in the PDF version.
  • Get customized typing courses.
  • The tool will analyze your typing skills and present tests that match your level.
  • Get statistics on your performance.

TypingBolt is an AI-powered, advanced typing software. It will help you learn to type on multiple levels.

9. TypingClub

Available for: Online

Free version: Yes

Pro version: Get a quote from the official website


  • SiteJabber: 3/5
  • Trustpilot: 4.1/5

Typing Club is a free-to-use web-based typing program for individuals and schools. Many districts in the USA are using this typing tool to teach their students. According to the official website it has served more than 30 million students and 300,000 plus teachers.

typing club

Here are the features of this typing app for PC:

  • The software is easily accessible.
  • TypingClub provides an intriguing typing experience.
  • You can see the history of your typing performances.
  • TypingClub is also a Google education partner.
  • You can also type with a voice on this software.
  • Along with QWERTY, you can learn to type with other keyboards.

This is a very popular and advanced typing tool for PC users. It is available online so, you use this on any OS, all you need is a web browser.

10. The Typing Cat

Available for: Online

Free signup: Yes


  • $4.49 for 1 month
  • $32.28/ year


  • No reviews were found.

Last but not least in this list of the best typing software for PC is The Typing Cat. It also provides a school edition. The online typing program provides multiple themes so you won’t get bored of the design. I did not find any reviews of this tool on any authority website but I like the features that this software offer.

typing cat software

Here are the main features of this tool:

  • Different types of typing courses-
    • Official Courses
    • User-generated courses.
    • Custom Courses Created by You.
  • You can try different keyboard layouts.
  • You can perform typing tests of different durations.
  • Learn typing with the help of interesting typing games.
  • Different categories of typing include HTML, CSS, Maths, and Science.

This PC software to learn typing is very interesting. It also offers typing with other keyboards like Dvorak, Colemak, and Workman.

So, these were the best typing software for PC. You can learn typing with these typing programs on your Windows 10, 8, and 7 PCs. Most of them are available online so you don’t have to worry about the OS, You just need a browser to access these software.


What is the best free typing program?

Answer: TypingBolt is a very nice and free program to learn typing.

What is the fastest way to learn typing?

Answer: you can follow the steps described in the second paragraph of this article.

How do beginners practice typing?

Answer: Everyone has been a beginner before becoming an expert in typing. As a beginner, you should start typing in Microsoft Word and try to learn the places of characters on your keyboard. 

How can I practice typing at home?

Answer: Just follow the basics described in this article and choose free software to learn to type faster.

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