5 Best Duplicate Video Finder Software In 2023 [Free/Paid]

Using the best duplicate video finder software you can delete duplicate & similar videos on your system and free up valuable disk space. These software search your entire hard disk and list duplicate videos in front of you so you can delete them conveniently.

Finding duplicate videos is very easy with the help of these duplicate video remover software. Here in this article, I am going to list the best duplicate and similar video finder tools to free up storage space.

5 Best Duplicate Video Finder Software For Windows 10 & Other Versions

Here is the list of the best software to find duplicate videos and remove them conveniently:

    1. Duplicate Cleaner
    2. Duplicate Video Search
    3. Duplicate Files Fixer
    4. Duplicate Video Remover Free
    5. dupeGuru

1. Duplicate Cleaner:

It is one of the best duplicate video remover software for Windows PCs. It can easily find and remove duplicate video files on your Windows 10, 8, and 7 PCs.

File Size: 10.4MB

Cost: $29.95

Key Features: 

  • Search Criteria: It has advanced settings to include files e.g. like, match files with the same content, similar content, etc.
  • More Duplicate Options: This option contains other settings to search files with the same file name, similar file names, same file extensions, same created date and time, and same modified date and time.

If you don’t want to dig deep into these settings then you can keep the default settings.

How It Works: 

Step 1: Click on the “scan location” button at the header

Step 2: Select the folders or drives that you want to select for the scan. You can also choose sub-folders by clicking the “+” sign which is located at the left of that folder name.

>As a beginner you can select all 3 of your drives if you want to scan your entire computer.

Step 3: Click on the right arrow button in the middle to select the folder for the scanning process. You can also deselect the folder, just click on the folder on the left side of the software and click on the left arrow in the middle.

Step 4: Now Click on the “Start Scan” Button. It will give you a quick summary, just close it.

Step 5: The files will be divided according to similarity. On the left side of the software click on “mark all but one file in the group”. Now the copies will be selected for duplicates.

duplicate cleaner pro

Step 6: Now click on the file removal button. The duplicates will be deleted from your system.

This is number one on the list of the best duplicate video finder software because it has all the features and provides a free trial version.

2. Duplicate Video Search

Another exact and similar video finder software in the list is “Duplicate Video Search“. It is easy-to-use and cost-effective software to remove duplicate video files from your PC or laptop.

File Size: 12 MB

Cost: $29.95

Key Features: 

  • Easy to use
  • Supports all popular video formats
  • Advanced video reading options

How it Works:

Step 1: Click on the “Add” button

Step 2. Select the folder

Step 3: Click on the “Search”

After clicking on the “search” you will see the results. If duplicate videos exist in the selected folder the software will list them.

The search process is slow; it could take several minutes based on the number of videos available in the selected folder.

It divides duplicates into different groups and auto-selects duplicates to delete and just keeps 1 file un-selected that you don’t want to delete.

There is a button in the header of the software (4th from left) after clicking that button you can move selected duplicate files to the trash. But this button won’t work in the trial version.

duplicate video search- similar video finder
Image Source: duplicatevideosearch

It is one of the best duplicate video finder software and it will ask to purchase the full version to delete the duplicate files. You can only see duplicate videos in the free version.

3. Duplicate Files Fixer:

It is a popular duplicate finder software. It can find duplicate videos, images, music files, etc. It has a fast algorithm to find and remove any duplicate file available in your system

File Size: Almost 7.55 MB

Cost: $39.95

When I installed  this software on my PC I saw the following results:

Key Feature:

  • Include Files: This contains files that you have selected to scan for duplicates
  • Exclude Files: This contains the files or folders you don’t want to include in the scanning process.
  • Drag & Drop: This feature lets you drag and drop duplicate files or folders in the software to scan for duplicates.

How it works:

Step 1: Click on scan for duplicates, It will scan your entire computer for duplicates

Step 2: Now you will see a list of duplicates found in your system.

Step 3: Go to the video section if you want to delete duplicate videos only.

Step 4: Click on the Automark button in the top left corner. It will automatically mark duplicate files.

duplicate files fixer- video finder

Step 5: Just click on “Delete Marked” and all the duplicate files will be deleted.

Note: You can only delete 15 files in the free version. To delete unlimited duplicate files you need to buy the pro version.

4. Duplicate Video Remover Free:

Developed by ManyProg It is a very popular software to find and remove duplicate video files on Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC.

Note: The name says free but you can only see duplicate files for free, to delete them automatically you need to register for the pro version.

duplicate video remover free

File Size: 19.4 MB

Cost: $39

Key Features:

Comparison Type: It offers 2 options to compare files on your system, one is strong duplicates and another is file properties.`

Settings: Using this feature you can choose the file type you want to scan for duplicate videos.

Add iTunes Library: This feature lets you find duplicate videos in the iTunes library.

How It Works:

Step 1: Add folders that you want to scan for duplicates

Step 2: Click on the Start button to start the duplicate video-finding process.

Step 3: After step 2 you will see a list of duplicate videos. Select the files you want to delete and go to “Action” Click on “Remove” and the selected files will be deleted.

duplicate video remover

When I tried some more settings like select automatically, it asked me to choose the selection criteria which were, smaller, larger, older, and newer. “Duplicate Video Remover Free”, showed a pop-up to register for the pro version to use this feature.

5. dupeGuru

dupeGuru is a well-known duplicate video finder software available for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC (64-bit and 32-bit).

Files Size: 26.7 MB

Cost: free

Read Full Review

Key Features: 

Application Mode: It has 3 application modes standard, music, and picture.

Scan Type: It has 3 scan types file name, contents, and folders.

Options: This similar video finder contains many advanced settings to find duplicate files in the scanning process.

How It Works:

Step 1: Click on the “+” sign in the bottom left corner to add folders to scan.

Step 2: Select the listed file and click on “scan”

DupeGuru - duplicate & similar video cleaner

Step 3: Click on “dupes only” and you will see only duplicate files, now you can select them.

Step 4: Now go to the “action” button and click “Send Marked to Recycle Bin ”.

I liked the “dupes only” feature in this software, which makes it one of the best duplicate video removers.

So, these were the 5 best duplicate video finders for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC. Using any of these software you can find duplicate videos and remove them to free up disk space on your computer. If you have any other software in knowledge then please let me know in the comment section.


Q1: How to find duplicate videos on Windows 10?

Answer: Windows 10 does not have any inbuilt programs to find duplicates so, you can use any of the software listed above.

Q2: How to delete duplicate videos?

Answer: You can use the steps given in any of the above similar video cleaners to delete duplicate videos on your Windows PC.

Q3: Which is the best free duplicate file finder?

Answer: I have tested 6 programs and I found that dupeGuru is a free software to find duplicate files.

Q4: Is it safe to delete duplicate videos?

Answer: Using a reliable duplicate and similar video finder with caution is safe. Although the files are generally moved to the recycle bin you can recover them if any mishap happens. Also, there are methods to recover permanently deleted video files.

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