Fabulous App Review 2023: Unbiased and Tested

Quick Overview: Fabulous App Review 2023

What is Fabulous App?

Fabulous is a habit tracker app that helps you to set your daily routine and achieve goals to live a better life. It helps you to improve fitness, achieve better mental health, get better sleep and maintain a healthy routine in your life.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.5

Apple App Store Rating: 4.6 and 49.6k ratings

Free Version: Available

Trial Version: for 7 Days

Premium Version: $24.00 per semester OR $ 4.16 per month


  • Best apps of 2018 in the self-care category on the app store.
  • Best App Finalist in Google Play Awards.
  • Google Material Design award winner.

Features: Fabulous App Review 2023


Here you can set different routines for morning, workday routine, bedtime routine, etc.

It will ask you a set of questions and set up a routine for you. But to see the routine you need to unlock the premium version.

bedtime routine


It provides 27 events in a journey. And provides a Journey Roadmap. Once you complete one event or challenge then you can unlock the next one.

first challenge on fabulous app


This option can inspire you as it is a group of people who are trying to achieve the same goal as you. It will require sign-in. Then It shows many circles and you have to choose 3 of them.


You can invite other people to your circle.

the group on fabulous


Here you can see reflective behavioral insight to help you develop new habits more effectively.

Note: It can be unlocked after 5 habits are completed.


When you set up a routine, Fabulous App will enable an alarm to remind you.


A calming sound effect like a waterfall or bells will play during the routine.

Background Music:

You can opt to play background music during the routine.

Set Backup:

You can back up the progress of your journey but it is available for premium users.

Make Me Fabulous:

This is a set of guided training series that helps you make your Fabulous experience even better. Here you can find many habits, topics, and goals.

make me fabulous

Here are some training sessions that I found when I was writing Fabulous’ Review:

  • Exercise
  • Get Inspired
  • Deep Work
  • Meditate
  • Fabulous Creed
  • Ambiance
  • Yoga
  • Bedtime stories
  • Power Nap
  • Breathe
  • Stretch
  • Sit and Think

In these sessions, you will find some guided video training sessions. Some videos in each session are free and some are for premium users.

Challenge: Fabulous App Review 2023

This option gives you a set of challenges like-

  • Yoga Challenge
  • Daily Exercise Challenge
  • Walking Meeting Challenge
  • 7-Day Skincare Challenge
  • Etc.

You can choose any challenge by yourself or you can just roll the dice to choose a random challenge. Using these options you can set your desired challenge and track your progress. This module in Fabulous App helps you keep yourself disciplined.


  • Easy-to-use app
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Nice collection of training videos
  • Free version available
  • Available for both Android and iPhone users


  • You have to complete 5 habits to access the Coaching section
  • The free version needs card details


How does Fabulous App work?

When I downloaded this app and started to install I got the following message on the screen, which describes how Fabulous App can help me.

  • How You Speak to yourself
  • Your Sleep Routine
  • Things You Can Control
  • What You Eat
  • Your mindset
  • Who you follow on social media
  • Your outlook
  • How soon you try again after you fail
  • The Way You treat others
  • Your level of honesty


start screen on Fabulous App

After this message, the app asked me to enter my name and email id.

Then It asked me some questions and I answered them by tapping the given option. The questions were like this-

  1. When do you sleep?
  2. How much do you think about the past and future?
  3. How is my support system?
  4. What am I looking for in life e.g. calm, strength, energy, and focus.?
  5. And some other questions.

Then it asked me about my interests. Then a screen popped up with some motivational sentences.

That’s amazing:

I found an amazing message on my screen.

“A Duke University study states that people who used Fabulous were more likely to achieve their goals, stay motivated, and feel better about themselves in 2 weeks”

After this, the app will set a journey in different stages which are called mountains in the app

  • First Mountain:
    • An unexpected Journey
    • A fabulous Night
    • Staying on the Road
    • Celebrating Healthy Eating
  • Second Mountain
  • Third Mountain


My First Challenge:

My First challenge was drinking water for 3 days when I woke up. Well, I accepted this challenge.

The Fabulous Journey starts with small actions, but there is much more to do.

This is amazing:

It provided me with videos about morning rituals to keep me energized. And the video was amazing and really motivational.

It provides letters. I got my first letter and I believe I will get more in the future. The letter was about how some great people in history used to start their day.

Other routines:

  • Work Day Routine

work day routine

  • Bedtime Routine

bedtime routine

This was the complete review of Fabulous App in 2023. Here I have described the features, pros & cons, and working of this habit tracker app. If you have any questions or tips please feel free to share in the comment section.


FAQ: Fabulous App Review 2023

How Much Does Fabulous App Cost?

Answer: It costs $24.99 per semester and $ 4.16 per month

Is Fabulous Free?

Answer: Yes, the Free version is available for both Android and iPhone.

What are the best Habit tracker apps?

Answer: Some of the best habit tracker apps are Fabulous, Habitify, and strides.

How do I contact the Fabulous app?

Answer: You can contact them at their email id – support [@ ]fabulous dotcom

2 thoughts on “Fabulous App Review 2023: Unbiased and Tested”

  1. Guess I need to re install the app. It can be a great app but did you actually use it?

    I have for about 3 years now, but I am so frustrated with the design of the software it’s insanely poorly written.
    The program is so poorly designed you’re constantly getting stuck in a section. There’s not even a home icon to get you back to the main page. Try it on the q&A section. You literally have to go out and type the URL into the search. They give you a link within a question while you’re stuck in Q&A but the link is missing a (.) and so it sends you to wrong page. The app is so locked down that you cannot even copy the urls to copy/paste and correct it.

    It’s constantly telling you to hit icons at the top of the screen or icons at the bottom of the screen when you’re in the section but none of those icons are there.

    You just keep going around, around, and around. Sometimes you luck out and you get back to the homepage.

    They need a Quality SW designer to go in and do a quality control and then fire the current software designer. It’s really hard to find some legit reviews.

    However it’s a great app if you can navigate through it.


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