Glary Utilities Vs CCleaner: Quick Comparison

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  • Introduction
  • Pricing Comparison
  • Compatible OS
  • Feature Comparison
  • Detailed Feature Description
  • Ratings
  • Screenshots


In this article, we will discuss a detailed comparison between Glary Utilities Vs CCleaner. Here you will learn the key differences between Glary Utilities and CCleaner.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities are popular PC tuneup software to keep your PC performing at its best. I have tested both software and published the comparison in front of you.

Glary Utilities Vs Cleaner: Pricing Comparison

Features CCleaner Quick Comparison
Free Version Completely Free For Home Use Completely Free For Private Use
Price For Premium Version
  • $24.95/year for 1 PC
  • $34.94/year for 3 PC
$19.97/year for 3 PCs

Conclusion: As we can see that Glary Utilities is clearly more affordable than CCleaner.

CCleaner Vs Glary Utilities: OS

  • Glary Utilities is available for Windows (all versions) only.
  • CCleaner is available for Windows and macOS operating systems.

Glary Utilities Vs CCleaner: Comparison Table

Features CCleaner Glary Utilities
Startup Manager Yes Yes
Registry Repair Yes Yes
Disk Cleanup Yes Yes
Context Menu Manager No Yes
Disk Space Analyzer Yes Yes
Process Manager No Yes
Uninstall Manager Yes Yes
Software Updater Yes Yes
Browser Assistant Yes Yes
Track Eraser Yes (In the Professional Version) Yes
Driver Manager Yes Yes
Shortcut Fixer No Yes
Duplicate Files Finder Yes Yes
Empty Folders Finder No Yes
Quick Search No Yes
File Undelete No Yes
File Splitter No Yes
Check Disk Yes (Heath Check) Yes
Disk Defrag No Yes
File Encrypter No Yes
File Shredder No (Drive Wiper Instead) Yes
System Information No Yes
Undo Changes No Yes
Memory Optimizer No Yes
Registry Defrag Yes Yes
Drive Wiper Yes No (File Shredder Instead)
Custom Clean Yes No
Total Points 14 25

Conclusion: After analyzing the features we can easily reach to the decision that Glary Utilities is a clear winner. Glary Utilities has almost 25 features and CCleaner has around 14 features.

Detailed Overview Of Features:

Startup Manager: Using this feature you can enable and disable programs at the startup. This means you can change which programs should automatically run at the startup. This will improve the boot time of your computer.

Registry Repair: If your computer is behaving weirdly because of registry errors then you can fix them with this feature. Sometimes third-party programs that you install change the default registry settings of your PC which causes problems. In order to fix the problems you need to rectify those settings. Repairing the registry can also fix DLL errors on your computer.

Disk Cleanup: Your PC tends to accumulate different kinds of temporary, junk, and residual files. These files consume a lot of disk space and slow down your computer. To keep your PC functioning at its best you need to get rid of these files.

Manually you can’t delete these files, so using a tool will be a better idea.

Context Menu Manager: When you right-click with your mouse or touchpad it opens a vertical menu containing different options. The options in this menu are fixed by default. Using a tool like Glary Utilities you can modify these options and add some other options that you want.

Disk Space Analyzer: This feature will show you the disk space consumed and free. To an extent, It will also show the type of files consuming your disk space.

Uninstall Manager: When you uninstall a file manually it leaves some residual files which cause errors in your system. Also, sometimes there are some apps that you can not delete manually. To completely remove any kind of app you will need uninstallation software. CCleaner and Glary Utilities both have this software.

Software Updater: Find and update outdated software on your computer.

Browser Assistant: This is the one-stop solution to clear your browser. Using this you can see the history and cookies of all of your browsers and clear them.

Track Eraser: This feature will remove all types of tracks and protect your privacy online.

Driver Manager: This is one of the most important features of Glary Utilities. Using this feature you can update your outdated drivers which helps in better functioning of your system.

Shortcut Fixer: You must have noticed some unintended shortcuts on your PC. These shortcuts consume very little space as an individual. But if they are a lot in numbers then they can consume a notable space on your system. This feature will find all of them and delete them with a single click.

Duplicate Files Finder: This is another feature to recover your storage space. If there is any kind of duplicate file on your system then it can find and remove them effortlessly. Glary and CCleaner both have nice duplicate files finder features.

Empty Folders Finder: Empty folders are very irritating. There are many folders and when you open them you find nothing in there. These folders cause miss management on your PC. Glary utilities can easily find these folders and delete them.

File Undelete: Recover accidentally deleted files. It can recover deleted photos, videos, and other types of files.

Disk Defrag: Your hard disk is divided into fragments and using a disk defrag tool you can easily remove these fragments and speed up your system.

File Shredder: Permanently delete files and make them unrecoverable. Glary Utilities has a nice option to shred files.

Undo Changes: This feature is available in Glary Utilities and it can undo all the changes made by this software.

Memory Optimizer: Using this feature you can easily optimize your computer’s memory for better performance.

Drive Wiper: You will find this option in CCleaner. Using this feature you can select a drive and completely erase it.

Ratings: CCleaner VS Glary Utilities

Website CCleaner Glary Utilities
PCMag 3.5 3.5
G2 4.5 4.1
Tech Radar 4.5 4
CNet 4.5 4.3
Spiceworks 4.8 4.2
Total Average 4.36 4.02

Conclusion: As we can see that CCleaner has got more ratings than Glary Utilities so, CCleaner is a clear winner here.

Screenshots: Glary Utilities


glary utilities overview

1-Click Maintenance-

1 click maintenance

Advanced Tools-

advanced tools glary utilities


Screenshots: CCleaner

CCleaner Health Check-

ccleaner health check

Custom Clean-

CCleaenr custom clean


Performance Optimizer-

ccleaner performance optimizer


Driver Updater-

CCleaner driver updater


CCleaner Registry-

CCleaner registry


CCleaner Tools-

ccleaner tools


Final Conclusion:

According to the above conclusion, anyone can reach the decision that Glary Utilities is a better tool than CCleaner. Glary Utilities has more features than CCleaner even at more affordable prices.

The only part where CCleaner wins is that it has got better ratings than Glary Utilities.

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