How To Hear Yourself On Mic Through Headphones/Speakers

If you want to hear yourself on mic or just want to test how your voice sounds on the mic then this is the perfect guide for you. Here I am going to tell you the easiest steps to hear yourself through headphones or whatever the default playback device is.

There are two ways to hear/test me on the mic-

  1. Through Windows sound settings
  2. Online tool to listen to your voice through headphones and speakers 

How To Hear Yourself on Mic Through Headphones or Speakers

[Windows 10, 8, 7] :

Method 1: Mic Test Through Windows Sound Settings

Here are the steps to listen to yourself on the mic:

Step 1: Right-click on the sound icon in the taskbar.

Step 2: Click on sounds

Step 3: Go to recordings & select microphone.

go to microphones

Step 4: After this click on “Properties”

Step 5: Once you have clicked on properties a new window should pop up.

Step 6: In this window go to the “listen” tab

Step 7: After this, you will see an option “listen on this device

go to the listen tab

Step 8: Check this option and choose the “default playback device” from the drop-down option below this.

Step 9: Click OK and you are all set to go.

Now you can easily test your mic and hear yourself on the mic through Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC.

Note: The steps shown above could be different on your PC. You just need to find “microphone” and click on “properties”. You will be able to find the option “listen on this device

Method 2: Online Tool To Hear Yourself Through Headphones:

If the manual method doesn’t work for you or you find it a tedious task then you can use an online website to listen to yourself on the mic through headphones or speakers. 

There are many websites that can help you to test your Mic on a Windows computer.

This is an easy-to-use website to check your voice on Mic. You just need to plug in your headphones which have Mic and open this website.

Step 1: open the website and go to the microphone section.

online tool to hear yourself on mic

Step 2: Click on the “Check Microphone” option.

Step 3: Allow the website to access your microphone.

Step 4: Click on “Start Recording” and start saying something.


click on start recording to hear yourself on mic

Step 5: Now your voice will be recorded.

Step 6: Now if you want to hear your voice. Click the “Play” button.


start recording to hear yourself on mic

Note: You can do this process without headphones if your computer has a Microphone or Mic in it.

Using this website you can also test your headphones and webcam.

To perform any test you need to give permission to this website. I suggest after your work is done you should remove permissions from the website- Find the complete tutorial for this.

So, these were the easiest ways to hear yourself on Mic in Windows 10, 8, and 7 systems. You can hear yourself through headphones or whatever default speaker you have on your system.

If you want to listen to yourself on Mic through headphones then you should use the second method that I have described above. It should save you from a lot of hustle.


Question: Why is my microphone not working on Windows 10?

Answer: It is because your system is not allowed to use microphones. To change this Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and change the settings here.

Question: Why is my headset audio not working?

Answer: The possible reason for this is your audio drivers are outdated.

Question: Is there any software to test your Mic?

Answer: Yes, there are software available to test your mic. You can use “Autocord” as a mic testing software.

Question: Is there any online tool to hear yourself on the mic?

Answer: you can use “”, which is an online tool to listen to yourself on the mic through headphones.

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