Top 10 Must-Have MacBook Apps In 2023: [Free & Paid]

Have you just bought a new MacBook? if yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, I am going to explain the must-have MacBook apps in 2022. These are the essential and the best apps for a new MacBook.

The list of apps will be the same for MacBook Pro. There are thousands of apps available for the new MacBooks for different kinds of users. Here I am going to describe the apps that are useful for almost every type of user.

Must-Have Apps For MacBook In 2023

  1. Money Dance 2022
  2. Clockify Time Tracker
  3. Adobe Reader (Free)
  4. VLC Media Player (Free)
  5. Evernote
  6. Dashlane Password Manager
  7. Spotify
  8. Dropbox
  9. Discord
  10. Spotify
  11. Amphetamine
  12. Encrypto
  13. Bartender

1. MoneyDance 2022- Budget Management App

Free Version: No

Paid Version: $49.99

App Store Ratings: 3.7

MoneyDance is a personal finance app. It is essential to keep track of your spending if you want to live a financially managed life. The app can help you control and develop better spending habits.

moneydance 2022


  • With this app, you can also manage your investments.
  • It supports bill payments through online banking.
  • Scheduled transactions
  • Print your checks
  • Easily track your budget
  • Get details reports and graphs

2. Clockify- Free Mac Time Tracker

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: $47.88

App Store Ratings: NA

Clockify is a must-have MacBook app for people who have a busy schedule and want to do every task on time.

Clockify is a free time tracker app for mac. It helps you keep track of your time spent and manage your work-life balance accordingly. The app is available for multiple platforms. You can not download it through the apple app store but you can download it from the official website.

clockify timer for macbook


  • Track time spent on different tasks on your Mac.
  • Timesheet- Divide time among multiple projects throughout the week.
  • Calendar- To create a visual representation of different activities.
  • You can connect Clockify with other apps like Jira.

3. Adobe Reader

Free Version: Yes

Paid Version: No

App Store Ratings: NA

adobe reader for mac

Adobe Reader is an essential app for MacBook computers. Using this app you can easily view and edit PDF files. Also, you can sign PDFs using this Mac app.

4. VLC Media Player

Free Version: Completely Free

App Store Ratings: NA

vlc media player

The VLC media player is one of the most popular media player apps for MacBook. VLC is able to play almost every type of video format on your Mac computer.

It can also play DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs. The program is available completely free. The VLC media player is an open-source program and is available for almost every popular operating system.

5. Evernote

Free Version: Yes

App Store Ratings: 3.7

evernote for macbook

Evernote is an advanced note-taking app for macOS. The app is available in paid and free versions. You can also connect your Google calendar with Evernote to stay connected with your schedule.

Along with text, you can also add audio, video, web clips, and photos to your notes. You can sync the app and access your notes on other platforms i.e. Windows, Android, and iOS.

6. Dashlane Password Manager

Free Version: Yes

Ratings: 4.1

dashlane password manager

Remembering passwords is a very difficult task because we have different passwords for different websites. It is always a good choice to keep different passwords for different accounts but managing them is very difficult.

Using a good password management app you can store all of your passwords in a single vault. Along with storing the passwords in a safe lock Dashlane password manager app come with advanced features.

According to the official App Store page, it has 15 million plus users worldwide. It has received many awards from some leading tech websites.

Some of the most important features of Dashlane Password Manager are-

  • You can create new strong passwords.
  • Using this app you can also share passwords safely.
  • If you have this app on your Macbook you can automatically log in to the relevant website.
  • It also has an auto form-filling feature.
  • Dashlane also has a built-in VPN to browse anonymously.
  • If any of your passwords are found in a data breach then Dashlane will notify you.


7. Skype

Free Version: Yes

App Store Ratings: NA

skype for mac

If you are a working professional then you must be familiar with video calling apps. During the pandemic, these apps have earned huge popularity. Skype is one of the most popular apps for video calling.

Skype has many advanced features that could be useful for you to connect with your team members. In Skype, you can video chat, send text messages, and schedule calls.

It has some other advanced features that other apps don’t have i.e. live subtitles, mobile screen sharing, Skype translator and you can also use Skype to call on phones.

8. Dropbox

dropbox app for mac

Dropbox is a must-have app for MacBooks. This is a free online file hosting service. It is available in free and paid versions.

In the free version, you can upload 2 GB of files. It is an advanced free cloud backup app. Some of the important features are-

  • See the history of accessed files.
  • Copy the link to a file and share.
  • Directly share to slack.
  • Using this tool you can collaborate with your teammates on a project.

9. Discord

discord app for macbook

Discord was initially launched for gamers where they can hang out and share tips and tricks about games. But now it has become a very common platform. It has multiple subforums for different types of people.

If you are feeling lonely at home and do not have anyone to talk about. Then you can log in to the app on your MacBook and chat with other people.

10. Spotify

spotify for macbook

Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms. Although MacBooks have Apple Music built-in if you are not satisfied with it then Spotify is the best option for you.

The search function in Spotify is amazing which allows you to find any song by lyrics, artists, or albums. Also, you can make your own custom playlist.

11. Amphetamine

amphetamine app for macbook

macOS is a great OS but sometimes it becomes hard to deal with in some situations. Suppose you have to keep your screen on for some task then you can not do it on MacBook without any external help.

You need to keep touching the trackpad or pressing a button on the keyboard. If there is a task that requires the screen on then you will have to stay in front of your MacBook, sometimes the process takes hours.

The Amphetamine app keeps the MacBook screen on so the task will keep running and you can go to sleep or go to a party.

12. Encrypto

encrypto app for mac

When you send a file to your friends or coworkers and there is a risk that someone else could access that file then Encrypto is here to help you.

Encrypto will password-protect your file and encrypt it in AES 256 encryption. So, before you send a file to an unsafe destination drop it into Encrypto and add a password to it. After this, you can tell your password to your friend via Whatsapp or Call so no one else could access the file.

13. Bartender

bartender app for mac

The user interface of macOS is quite good. Still, if you don’t like the menu bar of the operating system then you can use the Bartender app. Using this bar you can choose apps to show notifications and even you can make the icons disappear from the menu bar.

The app has a free trial version so you can try it before making a decision to purchase.

These were the must-have MacBook apps that you can use in 2022. Most of these apps for MacBooks are available for free. If I have left any app then you can mention it in the comments section.

I hope the article has helped you a lot. If you liked the article then please share it with your friends on social media.

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