10 Best Relaxing Games For Android to Relieve Stress In 2023

The android phone in your hand can help you relax and relieve stress. There are many relaxing games for Android phones on the Google Play Store that can work as a stress buster.

Here, in this article, I am going to list the 10 best android games to help you relax these are also famous as anti-stress games, and stress relief games. You can call them whatever you want their goal is simple which is to calm you down. 

10 Best Relaxing Games For Android

  1. My Oasis
  2. Anti-Stress Relaxing Games
  3. Antistress  Relaxation Toys
  4. Forest Island Relaxing Game
  5. Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzle
  6. Hex Anxiety Relief
  7. Anti-stress relief games: Relax
  8. Antistress stress relief games
  9. Antistress Relaxing Games
  10. Smash the Office – Stress Fix

1. My Oasis

My Oasis app for Android

Downloads: 10 Million

Reviews: 4.4 (197K reviews)

It is one of the best anti-stress games on the Google Play Store. It is also the most popular stress relief game for Android because it has 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store.

The tool has a quite good rating of 4.4 on the Play Store. 

Playing this Android game is quite relaxing and easy. When you start the game it starts an automatic tutorial. Also, there is an option to start the tutorial if you need it later in the game.

You just need to click on the screen to collect hearts. If you have enough hearts you can enter your favorite animal on the island.

What is so relaxing about this game?

  • This sound and feel of collecting hearts 
  • The beautiful view of the island
  • MY Oasis has a very calming background sound.
  • By entering your favorite animals on the island you will feel more connected to nature.

2. Anti-Stress Relaxing Games

antistress - relaxing game

Downloads: 10 Million

Ratings: 4.4 (81.4k Ratings)

This is another popular game for relieving stress. This is not a single game, think of it like an app that contains multiple games in it. Games in this app don’t require much focus and strain on your mind. 

While playing these games you will be distracted from your real-life stress and calm your mind. The app contains 50+ calming games in it some of those games are-

  • Antistress soap cutting
  • Relaxing game
  • Pop it fidget game
  • Slim simulator
  • Calm anxiety relief
  • Smule Piano
  • Satisfying games

The best thing that I like about this game is you won’t get bored of it because it has a huge variety of games. This is the drawback of most anti-anxiety games that people get bored of them over time. But in this app, there are 50 games that allow you to play a new game every day.

3. Antistress  Relaxation Toys

antistress - relaxation toys

Downloads: 100 million

Ratings: 4.6 (720k reviews )

This is one of the most downloaded relaxation games for Android mobiles. The app contains many games to relieve stress. I have played the games myself and I found them stress-relieving and relaxing. 

These games won’t require any strategy or mind-bending tricks to play. You just need to be yourself and play games like a child. 

These are not like actual games where you have to work hard to achieve some badges or points. These are tasks that distract you from the actual world and calm your anxiety.

I love the background sounds on these games they feel very relaxing. My favorite in this app is the chopping game.

4. Forest Island Relaxing Game

Forest Island Relaxing Game

Downloads: 500K

Ratings: 4.5 (34.7k ratings)

Developed by Nanali Studios this is a very nice relaxing game for Android phones. When you open this games you need to checkmark the terms of use and click agree. 

In order to play this game you need to login it to this with your Google account. There is a benefit of logging in, you can start the game where you left off. 

The app has 3 modes i.e. Game focus mode, Performance Modes, and Autoplay. The game focus mode will disable all notifications, incoming calls, and other things that could disturb you while playing. This is my favorite mode but you should choose this carefully because it turns off the important features of your mobile and solely focus on the game.

The only drawback that I found in this game is it takes some time to load and play this game.

When you launch this game you will find an empty island where you need to tap on the screen to plant trees and other greeneries.

You can zoom in and Zoom out on the island. When you zoom in you will see the beautiful island built yourself and when you zoom out you will see the calm ocean.

I love the background music of this game it is very calming and relaxing. You can also invite animals as you like to the island and make it a perfect habitat like a forest. 

5.  Harmony: Relaxing Music Puzzle

Harmony Relaxing Music Puzzle

Downloads: 1 Million

Ratings: 4.5 (75.4k reviews)

This is another relaxing game for android mobiles. If you like puzzles and music then this is the perfect game for you. Playing puzzles will make you put some stress on your mind but these will surely distract you from real-life problems. 

While downloading this game I found that it has also earned an editor’s choice badge. Playing this game is very simple all you need to do is tap on the squares and make symmetries. When you tap on the squares they will glow and play a piece of relaxing background music.

6. Hex Anxiety Relief

hex anxiety relief and relax

Downloads: 1 Million

Ratings: 4.6 (101k reviews)

This is a unique type of stress relief game for Android. Developed by Infinity Games it has earned quite some popularity. This is a puzzle type of game that seems very relaxing. 

In this game, you will get a broken design in front of you. All you have to do is rotate the fractions and close the loop. The design needs to be completely closed, there should not be any open end of any piece of design. 

Closing the loop might need some work but when the loop is finally closed you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

7. Anti-stress relief games: Relax

Antistress Games Relaxing Game

Downloads: 100k

Ratings: 4.8 (507 reviews)

Developed by Mishi games studio is a newer game in the list. It contains 39 anti-stress games. When you open this game you will have to accept the terms and conditions of this game and it will take you to the start screen. 

It consists of the easiest relaxing games for Android phones. My favorite stress-relief game in this app is the one where you can hit the cans with a ball and they will fall. Among these cans, you will see a red can and if you hit this it will create a blast and will take down other cans with it. You should target the red cans first to earn maximum points

The background sound of falling cans feels so real and the visuals are very clear and beautiful. I really felt relaxed after playing this game on my Android phone. I downloaded this game for testing but now I am keeping it just for the cans game. You will see an ad when you are done playing and go back to the main menu.

8. Antistress stress relief games

Antistress stress relief game for android

Downloads: 1 Million

Ratings: 4.2 (6.37k reviews)

As the name suggests it is a nice stress-relieving game for Android users. When you launch this game you will see a rack of games in front of you where you can choose games to play. I have tried many games on this app but my favorite tool on this app is Bubble Buster. 

Bursting bubbles on this app feel as real as physical bubbles. When you burst the bubble by tapping on them it makes a sound that makes it even more real. This is one of the best android relaxing games that you can play anywhere.

9. Antistress Relaxing Games

Antistress Relaxing Games

Downloads: 10k

Ratings: 3

This game is not as popular as other antistress games on the list. Also, it is a newer game on the list but it has some nice games. It has got some unique kinds of games which are very interesting. 

I love the “Design Your Clay Pot” game in this app. In this game, you just need to touch your screen and it will make clay designs on the screen. It will not work exactly like clay therapy but it will give you quite some feel.

10. Smash the Office – Stress Fix

smash the office Android Relaxing Game

Downloads: 5 Million

Ratings: 4.1 (190K reviews)

Have you ever been stressed out in your office? If yes, then it is the perfect relaxing android game for you. In this game, there is a guy who is stressed out in the office, and out of frustration, he starts smashing the office.

In this game, you can choose anything to smash the office. This is a type of game that you can play 10- to 15 times after this you may get bored. But it is worth trying, you will feel stress-free after playing this game.


These were the best relaxing games for Android to relieve stress. I suggest you choose a stress relief game that contains multiple games in it so you won’t get bored. In the article above I have listed some apps that contain multiple games. 

These stress-buster games for Android will help you distract from your problems and relax your mind. If you don’t want to download a game on your Android device then you can play Online stress reliever games, I have written a separate article on this that you can read here-

5 Best Online Stress Relief Games to Relax and Calm Calm Your Mind

I hope that you like the article and helped you find the perfect stress relief game for Android mobile. If you like the article please share it on social media with your friends. For any suggestions feel free to use the comments section.

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