8 Best USB Port Locker Software To Block USB Ports [2023]

Why do you need USB software to block USB ports?

USB port locker software can protect you from data theft through USB ports. Technology is growing faster than ever and so are cyber threats. You need to take extra precautions to keep your data safe from cybercriminals.

Hacking the devices through USB ports is very easy. If your USB ports are not protected anyone can install malware or virus into your computer using a USB device.

So, along with other PC protection methods, you should always keep your USB ports locked. You just need efficient software to block access to USB ports. Even you can password-protect your USB ports using an efficient USB blocker tool.

8 Best USB Port Locker Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

  1. Gilisoft USB Lock
  2. SysTools USB Blocker
  3. USB Block
  4. Device Control Plus
  5. USB Disk Manager
  7. BuduLock
  8. USB Drive Disabler

1. Gilisoft USB Lock

Gilisoft USB lock is not just a USB port locker software it provides features that block unauthorized access to your computer in every possible way.

It is number 1 in this list because It can block USB, DVD, Wireless, Bluetooth, printers, websites, and even programs on your computer. So, no one can transfer data from your PC when you are not around.

Gilisoft USB lock

Here are the features explained:

USB & CD Lock: It allows you to lock USB ports and also locks the DVD tray so no one can transfer our data through USB and CD/DVDs.

Note: You can white list your trusted USB drives. So, you can use your own USB drive without any hassle.

Website Lock: You can block unsafe websites so that no one can access them using your computer. I think this feature is developed so that no one can even upload your data online. You can block websites like Google Drive that provide data storage facilities.

Program Lock: Using this software you can lock some programs on your computer like “remote desktop connection” So, no one can access your computer with a remote connection.

Device Lock: This feature allows you to lock some devices on your PC to reduce the risk of data theft. It can block devices like Bluetooth, printers, infrared, modems, etc.

Reports and Logs: You can check the history of different USB drives on your PC.

Password: Other than you no one can access this software because it requires a password to open this software.

These were the features of this USB port locker software for Windows PC. It provides overall protection against data theft, that’s why I have put it at the number 1 position on this list.

Pricing Model: It has different pricing models i.e. $39.95 for 1 year and $49.95 for lifetime

Gilisoft USB lock pricing model


2. USB Block

Second, on the list of the best USB port lockers is the USB block. It is a very popular software to lock USB ports on Windows 10 and older versions.

USB block

Here are the main features of this software:

    • Block USB Devices.
    • Disable access to floppy drives.
    • Block Network drives and PCs.
    • Restrict access to external drives.
    • Stealth mode to hide the USB block from the control panel and startup menu.
    • Track different devices used on your PC.
  • Uninstall Option: In case you want to uninstall this software then you have to open the software with a password and uninstall it by the setting in the program. So, no one can uninstall this software and gain access to USB ports.

Pricing Model: $49.95

USB block pricing model

3. SysTools USB Blocker

This is another popular software to Block USB drives from accessing data on your computer.

systools USB blocker
Image Source: systools

Here are the main features of this tool:

  • Block and unblock USB ports.
  • It requires a password to use this software so no one else can access the software.
  • It supports all versions of Windows i.e. Windows 10, 8, 7.
  • It provides a free version for 7 days.
  • The product has an easy-to-use UI.

Pricing Model: It has different pricing models for different levels.

Personal: $29

Business: $99

Enterprise: $199

systools USB blocker pricing model

4. Device Control Plus (For Organizations)

Device Control Plus is an efficient USB block software developed by ManageEngine. The software can control many computers at a time, so it is a suitable choice for organizations and professionals.

Here are the main features of this USB port locker software:

  • Manage removable devices and USB ports.
  • You can control the access level of files.
  • It provides a file mirroring feature to keep your data safe.
  • You can give access to trusted devices and block others.
  • You can temporarily allow devices to use your USB ports.

Pricing Models:

device control plus

5. USB Disk Manager:

USB Disk Manager is an efficient USB port locker software for Windows PC. This software can easily block USB devices on your PC. Many popular websites like CNET, ghacks, etc have mentioned this software.

USB disk manager
Image Source: syedgakbar

Here are some of the features of this USB block software:

  • It can protect your PC from USB threats.
  • Block USB from executing or running any program on your PC.
  • It provides a system-level disable facility to completely disable all of your USB ports.
  • You can block the auto-run feature so no virus can be executed on your PC.
  • It provides a protective shield to your own/known USB drive so it will not bring any virus into your PC.

Pricing Model: Free


This software can easily block USB devices on your PC. It is one of the best free USB port blocker software. It has a very basic UI and easy-to-use features.

usb shutter
Image Source: sourceforge

Here are the main features of this software

  • It can easily block USB drives on your PC
  • Block USB drives from performing any action on your PC.
  • You can see the USB blocking status conveniently

Pricing Model: Free

7. BuduLock:

BudduLock is a very basic, easy-to-use Windows utility that can block USB drives. It is a very simple application even a novice user can work on it.

budu lock software
Image Source: addictivetips

Here are the features of the application:

  • Can disable USB ports.
  • Lock folders with a password.
  • Bock USB drives

Pricing Model: Free

8. USB Drive Disabler:

It is one of the best USB port locker software. It can enable or disable access to USB devices on the computers in your network. It is more like enterprise-level software. For single users, it is not a good choice.

usb drive disabler
Image Source: intelliadmin

Here are the main features of this USB port block software:

  • See the list of allowed devices and disallow them anytime.
  • Opening the software requires authentication.
  • The silent mode will not tell the user that the device is blocked
  • You can also set it to “Alert Mode” which will tell the user that the device is blocked.
  • Allow administrators to access any device
  • Block all users so even administrators will not have access to any device.

Pricing Model: $599

So, these were the best USB port locker software for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PCs. Using these software you can easily block access to USB ports on your computer. If you have any other good software, please mention it in the comment section.


Which is the best software to block USB Ports?

Answer: According to my research Gilisoft USB lock is the best software to lock USB ports on your PC.

Can I unblock a specific USB device on my PC?

Answer: You can choose a device and unblock it. So, you can use your trusted USB devices on your USB port.

How do I lock my USB ports?

Answer: You can do it manually which requires some technical knowledge or you can use any of the USB port blocker software explained above.

How to stop USB devices from installing viruses on your PC?

Answer: You can completely block your USB ports or use the write protect feature by USB Disk Manager software explained in the list.

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