What Windows 10 Features Are Not In Windows 11

In this article, we are going to learn what Windows 10 features are not in Windows 11.

Windows 11 has come with some advanced features users are missing some Windows 10 features that are removed in Windows 11. There are some useful Windows 10 features that are not in Windows 11.

So, if you are planning to upgrade to Windows 11, know the features that will not be available in Windows 11. If you can afford to lose these Windows 10 features then you can upgrade to Windows 11.

Windows 10 Features Not In Windows 11

1. Downgrading

You cannot downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10, You will have to perform a clean install. In Windows 10 you could have downgraded to the previous version that you had upgraded from. But this feature in unavailable in Windows 11. Once you install Windows 11 you can not go back to Windows 10 unless you perform a clean install.

2. The Drag & Drop Feature

In Windows 10 you cloud drag apps in the taskbar but this Windows 10 feature is not available in Windows 11. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of Windows 11. Earlier you cloud drag and drop the apps and files that you frequently use. 

The feature allows you to quickly access the apps and files and save you from clicking multiple times to reach the files/app location.

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3. Start Menu Features

recent apps in features windows 11

One more big loss that you will face in Windows 11 is the “Recent” apps feature from Windows 10. In Windows 10 you can go to the start menu and see the list of apps that you have recently used.

This way you can directly access the app from the start menu that you frequently use because frequently used apps will always be in the start menu as “recent apps”.

4. The Tablet Mode is Removed In Windows 11

Windows 10 was convenient to be used as tablet mode. But in Windows 11 you can not use Windows 11 as Table mode. It is one of the big drawbacks of Windows 11.

In Windows 10 you had a nice on-screen keyboard and othe easily accessible features. Although, the tablet mode in Windows 10 did not get so much fame. But having something is better than nothing.

5. News Readers Will Miss

People who like reading the news and other articles from News and Interest section will be disappointed in the new Windows 11 OS. I love the news feature the most, my day starts with reading news of my interest. But this one of the most interesting Windows 10 feature is not in Windows 11.

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6. No More Pre-Installed Apps

Windows 10 used to come with some pre-installed apps like Skype, Paint 3D, OneNote, 3D viewer. But in Windows 11 all of these apps will be missing. You can still download these apps from the Microsoft app store.

7. Cortana

cortana in Windows 10

If you are a fan of Cortana then you will miss its position in Windows 11. In Windows 10 it has a very prominent place in Start menu. But in Windows 11 it has not got that respect.

Cortana is not pre-installed in Windows 11 like it was in Windows 10. Also you will not use it in the start menu until you pin it.

Other Windows 10 features removed in Windows 11-

  • The Timeline feature of Windows 10 is removed in Windows 11.
  • You can not see the quick status in Windows 11 that you used to see in Windows 10.

So these were the prominent Windows 10 features that are not in Windows 11. If you love these Windows 10 features you will be missing them in Windows 11. 

I hope that the article has helped you a lot. If you liked the article please share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions to make then feel free to use the comments section.

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Do all Windows 10 programs work on Windows 11?

Answer: Yes all of Windows programs will fully function on Windows 11 one way or other.

What will I lose with Windows 11?

Answer: You will lose the features explained above in Windows 11 that I have explained in the article.

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