16 Mind-Blowing Windows 11 Facts You Did Not Know

This article will discuss some fantastic Windows 11 Facts that will blow your mind.

Windows 11 was launched last year and it got a lot of buzz on the internet. You might have found thousands of articles on Windows 11 features and how to make Windows faster.

But there are only a few resources available about facts on Windows 11. So, Here I am going to describe some of the most interesting facts about Windows 11 OS.

Interesting Facts About Windows 11

1. Second Most Successful

It has only been 1 year and Windows 11 is already the second most used version of the Windows operating system. Windows 10 is still leading followed by Windows 11 and Windows 7.

Here is a quick breakdown of Operating System Market Share according to StatCounter (Data- September 2022)

  • Android- 43.06%
  • Windows- 29.39%
    • Windows 10- 71.87%
    • Windows 11- 13.56%
    • Windows 7- 10.68%
    • win8.1- 2.7%
    • Win8- 0.66%
    • WinXP-0.38%
  • iOS- 17.35%
  • OS X- 5.81%
  • Unknown- 2.03%
  • Linux- 1.11%

As you can see that Windows 10 is leading by a huge margin. But the fact is that it has been in the market for 6 years and Windows 11 has high-end system requirements.

Not everyone with Windows 10 can upgrade to Windows 11. Given these facts, Windows 11 is a very successful version of Windows OS.

2. Use Android Apps

Have you ever tried to use an Android app on a Windows desktop? If yes, then you must know the hassle. Using Android apps on Windows OS is very difficult. In previous versions of Windows, you have to download an emulator and then follow some more steps to use the app on the desktop. This is an amazing fact about Windows 11 that you don’t need any emulator to run Android apps

In Windows 11 you can run Android apps if you download them from Amazon App Store.

So, now you can enjoy your favorite mobile apps on a desktop too.

3. Can’t Go Back

If you are currently a Windows 10 user and upgrade to Windows 11 then you can do it easily. But if you want to go back to Windows 10, you can’t do this.

You will have to clean and install Windows 10 to have it again on your computer.

4. macOS Resemblance

Windows 11

I don’t know if you have noticed or not but Windows 11 feels like macOS. At least I feel this your view might be different.

5. Teams With Video Calls

Now Windows 11 will come with Teams already installed and it consists of a video calling feature too. Now you don’t need Zoom or Slack for video conferencing.

6. Biggest Time Gap

As we all know that Microsoft took a lot of time to launch this version of Windows, But what we did not know is that it is a record.

Windows 11 and Windows 10 have the biggest time gap between the launches of the 2 Windows versions which is 6 years.

It has broken the preview record which was between Windows Vista and WindowsXP.

Here is the timeline of the Windows version’s launch dates-

  1. Windows 1.0 – In Nov 1985
  2. Windows 2.0 – In Dec 1987
  3. Windows 3.0 – In May 1990
  4. Windows 95 – In Aug 1995
  5. Windows 98 – In June 1998
  6. Windows ME – In Sep 2000
  7. Windows XP – In Oct 2001
  8. Windows Vista – In Nov 2006
  9. Windows 7 – In July 2009
  10. Windows 8.0 – In Oct 2012
  11. Windows 8.1 – In Oct 2013
  12. Windows 10 – In July 2015
  13. Windows 11- 5 Oct 2021

7. Windows X?

Before Windows 11 there was a plan to launch Windows X which was canceled. Windows X was targeted to work on multiple screens simultaneously.

8. Programming

Windows 11 is developed with 4 programming languages. C, C++, C Sharp, and Assembly.

9. Languages

If English is not your first language and you want to use your Desktop operating system in your favorite language then it is possible with Windows 11.

Windows 11 is available in 110 languages. See the list

10. Favorite Apps Gone

Cortana is no longer available in Windows 11 by default. You can not even find it in Taskbar. Along with this, there are some other popular Windows 10 apps that are not installed by default on Windows 11 system.

Paint, 3D, OneNote, 3D Viewer, and Skype are now not installed by default in Windows 11 anymore. You will have to download and install them from Windows App Store.

11. Multi-Window Layout

In Windows 11 you can have a multi-windowed layout which is amazing. If you want to immediately switch between layouts you can do it by hitting Windows+Z button.

12. You Might Not be Eligible for Windows 11

If you want to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 then it is possible you might not best able to do this. Because Windows 11 has some advanced system requirements. See the requirements.

13. It Is Free For Existing Users

This is the most amazing Windows 11 fact. If you are an existing Windows user then you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

14. Processor

As We all know Windows 11 got a lot of heat from users due to its high-end system requirements. The system requirement for the processor is crucial because you can not just change the processor of your computer.

To run Windows 11 your processor needs to be 1GHz or more.

15. Graphic Card

The graphics card requirement to run Windows 11 is also very high. You need to have a graphic card of DirectX12 or later. Windows 11 is focused a lot on gaming. So, the graphic cards need to be advanced and GPU benchmarks should be high.

16. Natural Narattor.

Windows 11 comes with a built-in narrator which is also called a natural narrator. It can efficiently work as screen reader software.

So, these were the most interesting Windows 11 facts. For more such interesting articles you can bookmark my blog. If you liked this article then please share it with your friends on social media.

If you want to add some more facts to this article then feel free to use the comment section.

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