Windows Couldn’t Start The Windows Audio Service On Local Computer

Audio service is one of the most crucial services on Windows computers that should run automatically when you start your PC. Many users have reported the problem that their Windows computer could not start the windows audio service on the local computer. Which means your PC will not be able to produce any sound.

There could be many reasons behind Windows inability to start audio service, most common of them are-

  • Wrong Registry Entry
  • Antivirus Program
  • Outdated Drivers

Here we are going to discuss solutions to fix the error on your Windows computer.

Ways to Fix Windows Could Not Start The Windows Audio Service on Local Computer

1. Fix through Registry Editor

In this option you need to take help of another computer. This method is based on the logic of copying the registry settings of another computer which is running fine. To get the registry settings of the fine-running PC you need to follow these steps-

Step 1: Go to the start button and type “regedit”

Step 2: Now on the left panel click on following options one by one-






export the audiosrv settings

Step 3: Now click on Audiosrv and click on “File” option from the top bar, here you will find option to export.

Step 4: Now you have the correct registry settings. You can transfer this file to your computer via USB or any other method.

save the audiosrv file

Step 5: After transferring the file need to right-click on that file and click merge.

Step 6: The last step is to restart your PC.

Now, you have fixed the error “Windows could not start the Windows audio service on local computer”.

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2. Fix through “System File Checker”

Using this feature you can easily repair the corrupted system files. To do this you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Run command prompt as administrator.

Step 2: Now type sfc/scannow and press the enter key.

Now you will see the verifying message. Keep the command line opened until you see the 100% verified message.

After this you will have to restart your computer. Now your Windows computer should start the audio service on the local computer.

3. Make The Right Settings in Your Antivirus Program

If you are using an antivirus program on your PC. Then it is possible that your antivirus has quarantined the audio service file on your system. But most of the antivirus programs have a white-listing option. Using this option you can convince the antivirus program to not consider some particular files as threat so, the program won’t quarantine those files.

To do this you need to open your antivirus program and search audio service related files and white list those files.

After this you need to restart your computer. This should fix Windows could not start the Windows audio service on the local computer.

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4. Stop and Start Audio Service

Step 1: Go to start button and search “services”.

services on Windows PC

Step 2: Now search “Windows Audio” and right-click on it.

stop windows audio

Step 3: Now click on properties

Step 4: Click on “Stop”

Now Restart your computer.

Now again follow all the steps as above and this time click on the “Start” button at the final step.

start windows audio

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5. System Restore

system restore

System restore is a very nice option which will restore your computer settings to the point when your computer was running fine. To do this just search “System Restore” and click on it. Now keep clicking on “next” and choose the time when your computer was running fine. It will restore all the settings when your computer was running fine.

This should fix that windows could not start the audio service on the local computer.

6. Uninstall and Install the Audio Device

Follow these steps-

Step 1: Search “device manager” from the start button.

Step 2: Now go to “sound, video, game controller”

Step 3: Now right click on an audio device and uninstall this. Repeat this for other audio devices.

Step 4: Now your audio devices are uninstalled.

Step 5: Now restart your PC and the audio devices will be re-installed automatically.

So, these were the methods to solve Windows not being able to start the audio service. If you have any question or suggestion in your mind then please mention them in the comment section.

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How do I restart Windows Audio?

Answer: Follow method number 4 to restart Windows audio.

How do I fix Windows could not start the Windows Audio service on local computer?

Answer: Here I have described 6 methods to solve this issue but the “system restore” method is my favorite.

Why is my sound driver not working?

Answer: It is because your sound driver is corrupted or outdated.

Why is there no audio output on my computer?

Answer: Because of wrong settings or missing/corrupted audio drivers.

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