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MacBooster8 is a very popular tool among macOS users. MacBooster 8 contains multiple applications in it which lets you manage the space and improve the performance of your Mac computer.

Along with boosting your Mac’s performance it also provides some basic security features like malware & virus scans and privacy protection

Features Of MacBooster 8:

Duplicate Finder: 

Using this feature you can easily find and remove all duplicate files, photos, and documents on your Mac computer and recover precious disk space.

Disk space is a significant factor in boosting your Mac’s performance. So, using this feature you can manage the storage space and speed up your Mac.

System Junk: 

Over time Junk files e.g. temp files, cache files, and log files are stored on your Mac computer. These files hamper the performance of your computer. In order to keep your Mac performing, you need to delete these files from time to time.

MacBooster 8 suggests junk files that are safe to delete and improve overall performance. You can get rid of such files in a few clicks.

Manually cleaning junk files is a very tedious task and requires some technical knowledge. So, if you are a novice Mac user or don’t want to spend your free cleaning of unwanted junk files on your Mac computer then MacBooster 8 is a good choice.

Privacy Protection: 

MacBooster 8 can clean cookies or other sensitive data stored on your browser to safeguard your privacy. By doing this you make it very difficult for companies and hackers to track your activities or steal data from your computer.

Virus and Malware Scan:

virus and malware scan

System security is a huge concern for computer users. Although Mac devices are considered to be more secure than their counterparts but still having extra security is always better. It is a very well-known fact that Mac machines can also get infected by viruses and malware.

Using this feature you can detect and remove viruses or malware present on your Mac. You should regularly scan your Mac with MacBooster 8 to safeguard against unknown threats.

Large and Old Files: 

If you want to recover storage space on your Mac then you need to identify unwanted large and old files. Manually searching large files and deleting them one by one is a very difficult and time-consuming task. If you have nothing to do better with your time then sure you can do this manually.  But if you want to spend your spare time doing something important and fun then using a tool is always a smart choice. Using MacBooster 8 you can easily clean large and old files and regain your computer’s storage space.

Turbo Boost: 

Turbo Boost


When you feel your Mac is slowing down and freezing then you can use this feature. This one-click function will dramatically improve your Mac’s performance.

You can do this in your coffee breaks. Just put your system on scan when you leave your desk and by the time you return, MacBooster 8 will find the culprits slowing down your PC and deal with them automatically.

Memory Clean: 

Memory clean

RAM is one of the most important factors that are responsible for the smooth performance of your system. There is a simple rule “More RAM means Better speed”. Whenever you go to an expert to fix your slow computer he will advise you to increase the RAM.

But what if you already have good RAM (let’s say 8 GB) but your system is still slow? That is because Your system’s RAM is consumed by redundant tasks on your Mac. If you clean your computer’s RAM (Virtually not physically) from time to time then I believe you will not need any expert to fix your slow computer.

The Memory Clean feature on MacBooster 8 will clear RAM and boost the speed of your Mac.

Startup Optimization: 

startup optimization

Are you one of the Mac users who are irritated by the slow startup and shutdown of your computer? If yes, then you can get help from the startup optimizer feature from MacBooster 8.

If you disable the apps which are automatically launched while you turn on your Mac then you will be able to minimize the startup and shutdown time of your device.

Using this feature you can manage, enable, and disable apps at the startup of your Mac. This feature can boost the speed at startup and shutdown of your Mac.

Photo Sweeper: 

We have discussed the duplicate finder feature of MacBooster 8 earlier in the article. The Duplicate Finder feature will find all types of files i.e. photos, documents, videos, etc. While the Photo Sweeper feature is dedicated to finding only the duplicate images.

You must be thinking why there is a Photo Sweeper feature while there is a complete Duplicate Finder feature. The Photo Sweeper feature can also find similar images along with exact duplicates.

This feature is dedicated to finding and removing duplicate images on your Mac computer to clear storage space and manage your photo library.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac Using MacBooster 8:

MacBooster 8 contains many amazing features but my favorite feature in this tool is uninstaller. I have tested this module and here are the steps to uninstall apps using this program.

Step 1: Download and Install MacBooster 8 from the official website.

Step 2: After you launch the software on your Mac you will see the “Uninstaller” option on the left side.

Step 3: Click on the “Uninstaller” to see a list of apps.

These are the apps installed on your Mac. If you want you can sort the apps by name, date, or size.

Step 4: Now choose the app that you want to uninstall and click “Complete Remove” (You can find it on the top of the software screen.)

What are the Alternatives Of MacBooster-

Although MacBooster is a great tool, if you are searching for something else you can choose an alternative program. There are many programs available that have functions similar to MacBooster 8.

Here are the best alternative to MacBooster app-

  1. Revo Uninstaller
  2. CCleaner For Mac
  3. MacKeeper
  4. AppCleaner
  5. AppDelete
  6. CelanMyMacX
  7. AppZapper
  8. Cleaner One
  9. Advanced Uninstall Manager
  10. Nektony App Cleaner and Uninstaller
  11. Hazel
  12. Disk Doctor
  13. AppDelete


It has different pricing models:

Standard For 1 Mac:

$29.95/year Or $2.49/Month

Premium For 3 Macs:

$49.95/year or $4.16/month 

Features of this version are just the same, only extra thing you get in this version is you will get priority support.

Lite For 5 Macs


In this version, you will not get 7*24 customer support or Priority support.



MacBooster 8 is very popular and one of the essential apps that your Mac should have. The working process of this app is very easy, anyone with the least tech knowledge can use this product. Also, you will find very nice reviews about this software on the internet.


Is MacBooster 8 safe?

Macbooster 8 is a completely safe program that is primarily used to clean your Mac device and boost its performance.

What is the best alternative to MacBooster 8?

According to my research, CleanMyMac is a good alternative to the MacBooster 8 program.

How much is MacBooster?

For a single user, it will cost $29.95 per year.

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