Top 10 Best Car Games For PC Free Download 2022 [Offline/Online]

Searching for the best free car games for PC to download? Then you have arrived at the right place. Here you will find the best car racing games that you can download on your Windows 10, 8, 7 & Windows 11 PC for free.

Some of these games are offline and some are online. If you want to play car games without internet then you can choose an offline game.

How I prepared my list of Free PC car games?

I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I went to official Microsoft Store and Choose following filters step by step-

  • PC games From the Header Drop-down menu named Xbox & Games.
  • Then select Top Free
  • Then Select Racing & Flying

Now, with the help of these filters we have got our list of the Top 10 car games for your computer..

Download Top 10 Best Free Car Games For PC: Latest Collection

1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Release Date: 7/18/2018

Published By: Gameloft SE

Compatible For: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series XLS

Categories: Racing & flying • Simulation • Sports

Store Ratings: 4.7

asphalt 9 car game

If you are a PC gamer then there are high chances that you would have heard of Asphalt 8, because it is a very popular car game. Well, Asphalt 9: Legends was released by the same developers. So, you can expect the same level of adventure and action by the developer.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy Customization.
  • Amazing list of cars
  • Jaw Dropping locations
  • Club feature to create your own community

Conclusion: Being released by one of the most popular car game developers you can consider downloading this game to have the ultimate level of fun and adventure.

Download Here

2. Fo rza Street

Release Date: 7/18/2018

Published By: Microsoft Studios

Developed By: Electric Square, a Keywords Studio

Compatible For: PC

Categories: Racing & flying • Simulation • Sports • Strategy

Store Ratings: 4.1

forza street car game for pc

Forza street is one of the most popular car games for PC. Breathtaking graphics and advanced features makes it one of the best games in the car racing category.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlined controls on gas, boost and brake
  • Additional in game events.
  • Win points and upgrade upto 50 cars.
  • 3D visuals make the game more real..

Conclusion: The game has a good collection of cars and speed control is very nice. So, you can consider it as the best free car game for PC.

Download Here

3. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

Release Date: 6/19/2014

Published By: GAMELOFT SA

Compatible For: PC

Categories: Racing & flying

GT Racing 2- The Real Car Experience

GT Racing 2 car game is available to download for free on the official Microsoft Store. Approximate size for this game is 1.54GB and it is available in multiple languages.

Key Highlights:

  • Collection of 67 amazing cars.
  • Multiplayer mode to race with your friends.
  • Steering & Braking Assistance for new gamers.
  • Upto 1400 racing events
  • Advanced customizations for pro players

Conclusion: This game allows you to hone your skills with different features that is the reason it is one of the best car games for PC.

Download Here

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4. Need for Racing: New Speed Car on Real Asphalt Tracks

Release Date: 8/9/2014

Published By: T-Bull

Developed By: T-Bull

Compatible For: PC

Categories: Racing & flying

Need for Racing- New Speed Car on Real Asphalt Tracks

This is an amazing free car racing game for PC. In this game you can drive in 10 different racing games. Also, it allows you to choose from a collection of 15 cars in the game.

Key Highlights:

  • Drive in 5 seasons.
  • Different racing modes i.e. duel, overtake, survival, race, endurance, king of the hill, domination etc.
  • Unique driving model.

Conclusion: The game has fewer cars then its peers but it has some nice modes to play the game.

Download Here

5. Real Car Driving

Release Date: 5/14/2020

Published By: Magic Kingdom Epic Games

Compatible For: PC, Mobile, Hub, Hololens

Categories: Racing & flying

real car driving

This free car game is lighter than others. Its approximate size is 20.18MB. The game has very simple yet attractive graphics. It is available only in the English language.

Key Highlights:

  • Can crash and drift cars.
  • See the scratch and damage live
  • Feel the action

Conclusion: The car game looks simple. The crashing and drifting mae is an interesting car game for PC.

Download Here

6. Dr Parking 4 Official

Release Date: 03/09/2021

Published By: Fun Arcade and Casual Racing Games

Compatible For: PC, Mobile, Hub, Hololens

Categories: ‪Action & adventure‬, ‪Racing & flying‬, ‪Sports‬

Dr Parking 4 Official

Approximate size of this free car game for computers is 129.36 MB. It is a driving and parking game.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy control with arrow keys.
  • 50 unique levels.
  • 3D car parking simulation.

Conclusion: The game is mostly similar to others but the parking feature makes it different from others and interesting indeed.

Download Here

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7. Extreme City Racing

Release Date: 04/20/2021

Published By: Gamenesis, LLC

Compatible For: PC, Mobile, Hololens, Surface Hub

Categories: ‪Racing & flying‬, ‪Simulation‬, ‪Sports‬

Extreme City Racing

This game will give you the feel of racing cars in the streets at night. The approximate size of this game is 787.56 MB.

Key Highlights:

  • Amazing music
  • Good collection of cars
  • Breathtaking night roads.
  • Set records for the longest drive

Conclusion: It is one of the best endless car games for PC. The roads in this game are amazing. You will feel adventures while driving cars in this game.

Download Here

8. Traffic Racer Most Wanted:

Release Date: 04/03/2019

Published By: FiveStar King Games Studio

Compatible For: PC, Mobile, Hololens, Surface Hub

Categories: ‪‪Action & adventure‬, ‪Racing & flying‬

Traffic Racer Most Wanted

It is an endless arcade car racing game for PC users. The approximate download size of this game is 111.03 MB.

Key Highlights:

  • Interesting leaderboard to see your achievements.
  • Steer with touch or tilt.
  • Add bonus to your score with more skills.
  • Easy customization with wheels and paints.

Conclusion: It is one of the best car games for PC. More sill you have more points you will get.

Download Here

9. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Release Date: 04/11/2020


Compatible For: PC, Mobile, Hololens, Surface Hub

Categories: ‪‪Action & adventure‬, ‪Racing & flying‬, ‪Simulation‬

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

This is an adventure free car game for PC. The approximate size for this game is 20.07 MB.

Key Highlights:

  • Amazing car stunt.
  • Difficult roads.
  • Adventures competition.
  • Car flying to make it more interesting.

Download Here

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10 Best Car Parking – Car Simulator: New Car Game

Release Date: 09-17-2021

Published By: AppDevlo‬

Compatible For: PC, Mobile

Categories: ‪‪Simulation‬

Best Car Parking - Car Simulator- New Car Game

This is a nice car parking and simulation game. The approximate size for this game is 359.57 MB.

Key Highlights:

  • Multiple stages and levels.
  • Mountain climbing with car.
  • Interesting parking challenges.
  • 360 degree camera rotations.

Conclusion: In this game you will enjoy car parking along with car racing.

Download Here

So, these were the best free PC car games for Windows 10, 8, 7, download them from official Microsoft store and enjoy the adventures of car racing, car simulation, car parking etc. You can play these car games on PC offline and online.

If you have any other car game which you think deserve a spot in the list then please feel free to mention in the comment section.

Is Forza free on PC?

Yes, Forza is a popular free game for PC.

How many GB is Asphalt 9 on PC?

The download size of Asphalt 9 is 1.85 GB.

How to Know If I can Run a Game On My PC?

To know this you need to perform ‘Can I Run It’ test.  Follow this guide to know how.

Is Asphalt 9 offline for PC?

No, you will need an internet connection to play this game.

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