How To Fix External Speakers Not Working On Windows 10/11 Laptop/PC

Questions that this article answers-

Why there is no sound from my external speakers?

Why is my computer not seeing my speakers?

How do I get Windows 10 to recognize external speakers?

How do I get external speakers to work on my laptop?

How do I enable speakers on my computer?

How do I enable audio output on my laptop?

If external speakers are not working on your Windows 10/11 laptop or PC then it may be because of the latest Windows update or there could be some other reasons. In this blog, we will discuss different methods to fix external speakers with no sound issues on Windows PCs.

Methods To Resolve External Speakers Not Working Issue On Windows 10 /11 Laptop And PC:

  • Restart your PC
  • Check The Hardware
  • Check for the USB Port
  • Check the audio settings
  • Update your drivers

These are the tweaks that you can make on your Windows 10/11 PC if there is no sound in the connected external speakers-

1. Restart Your PC

Whenever there is anything wrong with your laptop or PC, restarting is the first thing that you should do. Sometimes this step fixes a lot of issues and saves a lot of time and hustle.

Just go to the start button click on the power button and you will find the Restart option. Once you click on this option the PC will shut down and then start by itself.

2. Check The Hardware

You need to check if there is any problem with the speaker itself. There could be some hardware-related issue with your speakers that needs proper technical assistance.

Plug your friend’s speakers into your PC or laptop then check if the speakers are working.

If your friend’s external speakers are still not working on your laptop or PC then move to the next step.

Or you can do vice-versa i.e. connect your speakers to your friend’s PC and see if the speakers work. If the speakers work fine on your friend’s computer then there is something wrong with your PC.

To fix this you need to try other methods explained in this article

3. Check Your USB Ports

usb ports
Image Source: howtogee

There could be something wrong with your USB ports. There are 2 possible scenarios-

A. Your USB ports are disabled
B. Your USB device has some hardware issue

In both cases, you will have to plug another device like a mouse, keyboard or pen drive into your PC or laptop. If they are working it means there is no issue with your USB Port. If they are not working then there could be some issue with your USB port, and that’s why your external speaker is not working.

To Fix the problem you need to enable your USB ports, to do this follow the steps below:

Search device manager in the start menu > double-click on universal serial bus control > right-click on any USB port option > click on enable if disabled > Repeat this step for each option.

If there is still no sound in your external speakers then it is possible that your USB hardware has some issue. You need to replace this But wait….., before this, you can try some other methods that I am going to describe in this blog to fix the external audio not working issue on Windows 10/11 laptops and PCs.

4. Check Your Settings

You should check some settings for external speakers to work on your PC. For this follow the steps-
Right-click on the sound icon > Click on Playback devices > Click on Set Default.

If you don’t see an option for your external speaker then right-click on the white space in the same window. Now click on the show disabled devices.

check your sound settings

Now you will be able to see your external audio device and repeat the steps above.

This method should fix no sound issue in external speakers, connected to your Windows 10 laptop and PC

If still your external audio is not working on your Windows 10/11 computer then you may need to update your audio drivers.

5. Update Your Drivers:

Outdated drivers could be a possible reason behind no sound in your external speakers. Here I am going to describe 2 different methods to update outdated sound drivers:

Using Device Manager:

Step 1: Search “device manager” in the start menu.

Step 2: Now click on Device Manager.

Step 3: Now find the audio drivers.

Step 4: Right-click on the audio driver and click on “update driver software”.

check for audio drivers

Thus the drivers will be updated. This is the manual method and anyone can perform these methods.

Using Software:

Step 1: Download and install driver booster software from the official website.

Once installed you need to launch the software from the shortcut on the desktop or search “driver booster” in the Windows search box and launch the application.

Step 2: Click on the scan now button. The software will start scanning your computer for outdated drivers.

Step 3: Now you will see all of the outdated drivers on your PC.

Step 4: Select the outdated drivers (audio drivers in your case).

Step 5: Click on the update button in front of the driver and your selected driver will be updated.

update audio drivers

You can also click on the “update all” option to update all of the outdated drivers on your PC.  This way you can update USB drivers along with sound drivers which will be a better option.

Having updated drivers on your PC gives you the upper hand in most types of situations on your computer.


So, These were the ways to fix external speakers not working in Windows 10/11 laptops and PCs. Using these methods you can easily solve the no sound in external speakers issue.

If you like the article please share it on social media. Also, if you have any questions please mention them in the comments section I will be happy to help you.

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