How To Schedule Auto Shutdown On Windows 10 PC

If you want to schedule auto shutdown of your Windows 10 PC at a specific time then you have landed at the right place. Windows 10 has built-in features that allow you to automatically shutdown your PC when you are not around.

Windows 10 has inbuilt settings or you can say features that can help you turn off your PC automatically at a specific time.

In this article, we are going to discuss the simplest methods to schedule the auto-shutdown of your Windows 10 PC.

4 Ways to Schedule Auto Shutdown on Windows 10 PC

  1. Using Command Prompt
  2. Using Task scheduler
  3. Using Run Command
  4. Using Auto shutdown software

1. Schedule Shutdown Using Command Prompt:

Command prompt may not be the most interesting but it is the simplest method to handle Windows 10 tasks. You just need to know the right commands.

Follow these steps to schedule Windows 10 PC shutdown using the command prompt:

Step 1: Go to the Windows search near the start button in the left-hand side corner.

Step 2: Now type “cmd” and hit enter to run the command prompt.

Step 3: Now you need to type the following command-

shutdown /s /t 600

cmd windows 10 shutdown

In this command t is time and s stands for seconds. Here I have written a command to shut my PC down in 600 seconds or you can say 10 minutes, simple math. 

If you want your PC to shut down earlier or later then just replace 600 with your number. Like if you want to shut it down in 1 hour then replace 600 with 3600.

As soon as you type this command and hit enter a new window will pop up and you will see a message that your PC will automatically Shutdown in 10 minutes or whatever time you have entered.

Authors Tip: Just in case you have entered the wrong time and you want to cancel the scheduled shutdown then you can type the following command in the command prompt and hit enter-

shutdown -a

So, these were the simple steps to schedule the auto-shutdown of a Windows 10 PC using a command prompt.

2. Use The Run Command

Another easy way to handle Windows 10 tasks is the Run command. Follow these steps to schedule the auto turn off your PC using the Run Command:

Step 1: Type the Windows and R buttons at once. Now a small window will pop up.

Step 2: In this window enter the following command-

shutdown /s /t 3600

shut down using run command

In this command 3600 is time in seconds. This means I have entered the command to shut down my PC in the next 1 hour. You can change this number according to your requirements; you just need to do some math.

Step 3: After entering the script click OK and you will see a message that your PC will log off in 1 hour.

Now you’re done, your PC will automatically shut down in the next 1 hour.

3. Using Task Scheduler:

Task Scheduler is an inbuilt app in Windows 10 system. Using this you can schedule many tasks. The tool is available in every Windows 10 system and doesn’t need any technical knowledge except for some steps that you are going to learn next.

Follow these steps to schedule the automatic shutting down of your Windows 10 system:

Step 1: Go to the Windows search bar at the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Now type “task scheduler” and hit enter. Now your task schedulers will be opened.

Step 3:  Here you will see an option “Create Task” on the right-hand side of the window just opened, click on it. 

Step 4: After this, a new window will open with multiple tabs in it. In the General tab, you will see the name section, enter shutdown in the name.

Step 5: Now go to the triggers tab. Now click on the “New” button at the bottom. 

Here you can enter the time of the task and also you can select the frequency to repeat like one time, weekly, daily, monthly, etc. After choosing your preferences click OK.

auto shutdown using task scheduler


Step 6: After this go to the “Actions” tab, here click on the “New” button at the bottom of the window.

Step 7: After this, you will see a new window will open, here in the program/script section type “shutdown”. And click “OK”

Now your Windows 10 PC will shut down at the specific time you entered.

4. Using Auto Shutdown Software

If you don’t want to use any of these manual methods then there is software available to help you. There are many software available in the market but I am going to describe Wise Auto Shutdown software which is an efficient tool to schedule a shutdown on your Windows 10.

The tool has many features which make it better than the manual process. And it is very easy to access. 

Here are the main features of this Auto Shutdown software:

  • Auto shut down
  • Auto restart and sleep.
  • Schedule hibernate.
  • Schedule your screen to lock
  • Set a specific time to turn off the power.

So, these were the methods to schedule the auto-shutdown of your Windows 10 PC in easy steps.

Let us know which method you liked the most. And if you have any other method in your mind then please mention that in the comment section.


Does Windows 10 have a scheduler?

Answer: Yes, Windows 10 has an inbuilt task scheduler.

How do I run a scheduled task?

Answer: Using Windows task scheduler you can easily schedule any task like shutting down your PC.

How do I set my computer to automatically shut down?

Answer: There are 4 ways explained in this article you can use any of them to perform this task.

Which is the best software to schedule a shutdown on Windows 10?

Answer: You can use Wise Auto Shutdown software on your PC. It is easy to use and efficient.

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