7 Best Song Vocal Remover and Isolation Software To Extract Voice

Using an efficient song vocal remover and isolation software you can easily extract vocals from any audio. Using a vocal extractor you can easily get a karaoke version of the song. Also, some artists want to isolate the vocals from a song so they can add their voice and keep the music as it is.

It is true that removing vocals from a song is really difficult but if you have the best vocal remover software then you can extract vocals with almost 100% accuracy.

How Does A Vocal Isolation Software Extract the Vocals From A song?

As we all know, the human voice produces a specific range of frequency. These voice isolators recognize that frequency and remove all the elements which come in that frequency range. After this you will get your vocal free song in order to use it as karaoke or to add your own voice.

Here we have listed the best vocal isolation software to remove vocals for a song with accuracy.

7 Best Song Vocal Remover Software To Isolate Or Extract Voice:

  1. Adobe Audition
  2. Lalal.ai
  3. AI Vocal Remover
  4. Wavepad
  5. Phonic Mind
  6. Voxiso
  7. Vocal Remover Pro

1. Adobe Audition

  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Release Year: 2003
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Price:
    Annual plan, paid monthly — US$20.99/mo
    Annual plan, prepaid — US$239.88/yr.
    Monthly plan — US$31.49/mo


  • Amazon: 3.5/5
  • G2: 4.4/5
  • PCmag: 3.5/5
  • Capterra: 4.6/5

adobe audition vocal remover

Adobe Inc. is one of the most reputable software developers. They have made many amazing software. Adobe Audition is another great tool from the developer. It is a nice audio editing software which also has the quality of vocal removal.

Here are the features of this vocal remover and isolation software:

  • Efficient audio mixer.
  • Easy management of your saved audios.
  • Popular audio recording software.
  • Can edit videos.
  • Transfer or capture data.

Adobe Audition is not just a vocal isolations software, it is a complete audio editing suite which makes it the best tool for professionals. And this is the reason it is costlier than other vocal extractors.

Download Here

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2. Lalal.ai

  • Supported OS: Online tool
  • Developer: Open Media LLC
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Price:
    $10 one time fee- 2 GB, 90 Minutes
    $20 one time fee- 2 GB, 300 Minutes


  • Producthunt: 3.8/5 
  • Getmatrics: 5/5
  • Homestudios: 4.8/5
  • Alternativeto: 4/5

lalal ai software to remove vocals

Lalal.ai is an AI powered vocal and instrumental track remover tool. It can remove any sound that you want to remove from your audio file. It also provides a free version, in which upload audio size of 50 MB and 10 minutes.

Here are the features of this song vocal remover tool:

  • Application is available to integrate with other tools.
  • Can remove 8 stems from an audio.
  • Available in multiple languages i.e. German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 
  • AI powered tool available online.

Lalal.ai is an affordable vocal isolator tool. It can remove vocals or any other sound that you don’t want to be in your song.

Visit Here

3. Vocal Remover and Isolation Free [AI]

Supported OS: Online tool

Free Version: Yes

Vocal Remover and Isolation Free

It is a free AI powered tool to extract vocals from your song. There are many tools with the same name. Here I am explaining about the website vocalremover.org which is available for free with multiple features.

Here are the main features of the tool to isolate vocals from a song:

  • Remove vocals
  • Change tempo
  • Remove pitch
  • Audio cutting feature
  • Join multiple audio tracks
  • Karaoke and voice recorder
  • Convert audio files to MP3 or any other desired format.
  • Can also test your microphone.

So, this free online vocal extractor tool has a lot of features along with removing vocals from a song. You can definitely try this tool before buying any third party software.

Visit Here

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4. Wavepad

  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android
  • Developer: NCH Software
  • Release Year: 2004
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Price: $69.95


  • Uptodown: 5/5
  • Cnet: 3.9/5
  • G2: 4.4/5
  • Capterra: 4.9/5

wavepad vocal isolator

Wavepad is a popular audio editing and recording software. It also has vocal reducing features along with many other professional video editing features. 

Here are the features of this song vocal isolation software:

  • Silent or trim your audio clips
  • Can add plugins
  • Reduce noise and click pop remover
  • Add additional sound effects
  • Support almost all sound formats
  • Normalize your audio files
  • Create ringtones from your audio

So, this is not just a song vocal remover software for windows PC but an all in one audio editing tool for beginners and professionals. If you only want a vocal extractor then it is a bit costly tool, you can choose other options from the list.

Download Here

5. Phonic Mind

  • Supported OS: Online
  • Developer: Simanas Venčkauskas
  • Release Year: 2017
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Price:
    Basic: $9.99/month
    Pro: $14.99/month


  • Producthunt: 4.2/5

Phonic mind song vocal remover

It is another online song voice isolation tool. The website claims it to be the first AI Powered Online Stems maker. You can remove any type of instruments or voice from your songs using this tool. 

Here are the main features of this online song vocal extractor tool:

  • Can minimize, maximize or remove vocals, drums and base.
  • Remove music of any instrument.
  • Download files to use with your DJ software.
  • Also available on Android and iPhone for easy access.

The tool is very easy to access and has a perfect set of features which makes it the best software to remove vocals from a song.

Visit the website

6. Voxiso

  • Supported OS: Online
  • Lead Developer: Patrick Wilson
  • Release Year: 
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Price:
    Basic: $5.99/month
    Advanced: $7.99/month
    Professional: $9.99/month


  • Not found on internet so, SoftAppWorld gives it rating of 4/5 

voxiso vocal remover

The name is made with two syllables one is voxi which stands for vocal and ISO stands for isolation. So, the name means vocal isolation and it is an online tool.

Here are the main features for this song vocal extractor tool:

  • Easily upload any type of audio files.
  • Auto-analyze tool for vocals.
  • Download your vocal free song.

So, it is a very simple easy to use song vocals remover tool available online. It is available in different pricing models so you can choose it according to your requirements.

Get it here

7. Vocal Remover Pro

  • Supported OS: Windows & Online
  • Release Year: 2008
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Price: $19.95


  • Filehippo: 8/10 
  • Uptodown: 2.3/5 
  • Softonic: 10/10 

vocal remover pro

Using vocal remover pro you can remove vocals of a 30 second long song for free. If you want to remove vocals from a longer song then you need to buy this software. The website states that it gives a 7 days money back guarantee. 

Here are the main features of this song vocal isolation and extractor software:

  • Supports multiple field types i.e. mp3, mp4, OGG etc.
  • No limit on the number of tracks you want to create.
  • Fast process of file in order to remove vocals.
  • Free trial version is available.
  • Easy to use software

This was the last song voice remover software in the list. The unique thing about this software is it is available online and offline so, you can use this tool with or without the internet.

Get It Here

So, these were the best song vocal remover and isolation software to extract vocals from a song whether it is MP3, MP4 or any other audio file format. 

If you have any other vocal extractor software in your mind then feel free to mention in the comment section.


Is there a program that removes vocals from songs?

Answer: The programs listed in the article can easily revocal vocals from any song.

Can Audacity remove vocals from a song?

Answer: Yes, audacity has the ability to extract vocals from a song.

How do you separate vocals and instrumentals?

Answer: Lalal.ai and PhonicMind can separate instrumentals along with vocals.

How do I get the karaoke of a song?

Answer: To get a karaoke of a song you need to isolate vocals from it. And the song vocal isolation software listed in the article can do this task easily.

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