Top 21 Best RainMeter Skins To Use On Your Windows PC

If you want to improve the look and feel of your desktop then Rainmeter is the best Windows app that you can download. The Rainmenter skins are highly customizable and will give your desktop a unique look.

Rainmeter is an open-source app that is available for free that allows you to customize your desktop for a better experience. 

Here in this article, I am going to list the best Rainmeter skins For Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC that you can easily apply and customize.

21 Best Rainmeter Skins For Desktop

1. The Gemini Suite

This is a very nice Rainmeter skin for Windows PC. This skin is best for gamers because it has features dedicated to gamers. The best thing about this skin is that it allows the integration of a steam account.

In this skin, you can see the live usage of RAM and CPU. So you don’t need an external PC information tool to check your system usage. The background of this skin is dark which allows you to easily access the skin without straining your eyes.

2. Senja Suite [Deviantart]

If you like a simple layout on your computer then this is the best Rainmeter skin for you. I love the time widget in this skin, it looks very nice in the middle of the screen of the computer.

Also, you will see very neat restart, shutdown, and log-off buttons, they are arranged in a very neat bar. You can also set a slider of your best pictures to watch. I suggest you set a list of calming images here which will lower your stress while working on the desktop.

3. Newspaper Desktop [Deviantart]

I have seen many Rainmeter themes but this one seems unique. It was first published in 2015 and users have liked it a lot. This skin will turn your desktop into a newspaper. 

This theme is not available for Windows it is only for Mac OS X.

It displays the important components like date, display, and weather in a very beautiful way. 

Also, it will also tell you the remaining memory and disk space.

4. Bookmark Plus [Deviantart]

This skin was launched in 2017, and it is an enhanced version of “Bookmark” which was published 1 year earlier to this. It has not got many views on DevianArt but I have included this because it is very managed and efficient skin.

In this skin, you will see 24 boxes with links to the application. At the bottom, you can easily see the time in this skin.

5. Enigma [Deviantart]

Enigma is a very popular Rainmeter skin that gives a very nice experience. It has got 3 million views on DeviantArt which is huge. The theme was last updated in 2019 but it is still in huge demand. 

You can also find this Rainmeter theme on GitHub. Enigma is a highly customizable theme that allows you to monitor a lot of components of your computer. You can easily see the CPU and RAM usage with the help of this theme. Also, it shows you the time and weather in a very nice way.

6. Shared Sunset – Simple Desktop Customization [Deviantart]

If you want a beautiful theme then this is the perfect one for you. It is one of the best calming Rainmeter skin for Windows PC. It would look very nice on Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

This tells important system information like CPU usage on a very beautiful background. Having a calming Windows theme cloud help you reduce stress while working.

7. Circle Launcher [Deviantart]

This is for the people who like the default Windows interface and want a few changes. The Rainmeter theme looks very similar to the Windows default layout with some additional features. 

You can add programs to the taskbar and desktop in this Rainmeter skin. The icons of the apps will be added in circular shapes. It comes with a mouse hover effect so when you hover your mouse on any icon it will turn white.

8. Sonder Rainmeter Skin [Deviantart]

First launched in 2020 this is the newest Rainmeter skin on the list. It has got 1 million views in a very short time. The background of this skin is very calming. The management of this Rainemeter theme is very competent. 

It shows the weather, calendar, and world map on your desktop. The calendar in this skin is very advanced which helps you track your daily habits and goals.

Like other skins on the list, it shows system information i.e. CPU, RAM usage, and system temperature.

9. Iron Man Jarvis Theme Desktop [Deviantart]

Personally, I don’t like the look of this theme but I have added this theme to my list, especially for Iron man and marvel fans. It only looks complicated and too much techy from the outside but once you spend 15- minutes with this Rainmeter skin it will feel like the easiest theme on Windows.

It has got 1 Million views on DeviantArt and the page was last updated in 2017. The best thing about this theme is the latest version comes with iTunes compatibility. 

It will tell you the weather, media players, and other important components in a very fancy way. Once you get used to this app you will easily be able to access this.

10. Avenger Shield OS [Deviantart]

Another theme for Marvel fans this one is more attractive than Jarvis. If you want to know what Nick Fury’s desktop looks like, you can download this theme. 

First, it was published on DeviantArt in 2012 since then it has got 351K views. It will also tell you RAM and CPU usage in real-time. The logo of the shield accumulates a lot of features in a very short space. The logo of the shield is surrounded by music, popular websites, and my computer shortcut.

The theme is in black so you won’t need any third-party apps to apply the dark mode in this Rainmeter Skin. 

11. Eker Lina [Deviantart]

If you are someone who likes a structured layout then this Rainmeter skin is made for you. It has very decent time and date widgets. You will see a media player in front of you so you can easily access the media to access the music directly. In this skin, you can directly access your Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. To know how to add these social media accounts directly to your desktop visit the official website link at the end of the description of this skin.

It also tells the day of the week and temperature. The most beautiful feature I like about this skin is that you can directly access videos and PSD files.

The layout looks so neat because all the widgets are neatly segregated from each other. The color combination of the widgets is just wonderful. 

12. Big Sur [Deviantart]

If you are a fan of the look and feel of the macOS operating system then Big Sur is the best Rainmeter skin for you. It also provides you with widgets similar to macOS. The prominent widgets that it offers are Clock, calendar, and music player.

My favorite components of this skin are the HDD meter, CPU meter, and RAM meter. In the latest version, the french language is added along with multiple new features. 

Another good thing is this skin is that you can change the size of widgets with the help of context menu settings.

13. Illustro Monitor [Deviantart]

This is the best Rainmeter skin for users who want to monitor their system regularly. The theme is very neat and clean and displays all the important components of your system on the desktop.

It will show you important information about your system i.e. memory, CPU, GPU, temperature, etc. The best thing that I like about this Rainmeter theme is the network monitor where you can monitor the speed of download and upload.

14. Botanicula [Deviantart]

Published in 2018 Botanicula has got a lot of fame in a very short time. The Rainmeter skin has a very unique color combination. It is available in 8 languages i.e. English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian & Serbian.

The music player on this theme is very efficient it will show the name of the artist and other useful information while playing the sound. And the recycle bin icon shows the number of files in it. 

Along with these unique features, it shows basic system information like CPU, RAM weather, etc.

15. Steel plates with pipes: Rainmeter Dieselpunk HUD [Deviantart]

This is inspired by games. In this, you will have a feel of a flying ship and clean clouds in front of you. It will have 7 displays in the form of blocks in front of you each showing something important. 

The Rainmeter theme shows some very important aspects of your system i.e. CPU, memory, etc. Also, you will see the downloading and uploading speed on the desktop.

The theme looks very neat and clean because most of the information is limited in the display blocks.

16. Soonex Clock [Deviantart]

Another calming Rainmeter skin for your PC is Soonex Clock. It has a very nice green background which looks very calming. 

The main feature of this Rainmeter theme is the clock. The clock looks very beautiful and tells time in the most efficient way. No other theme will tell you the time more conveniently..

17. Moderate Rainmeter Skin [Deviantart]

This is the best Rainmeter theme for your touchscreen laptop. It does fine work for desktop users too. This skin provides very nice control over the home screen of your device. 

It shows all the important functions of your system i.e. date, weather, power, volume, music, etc.

The setting menu is very nice it allows you to provide amazing control on your desktop.

18. Paper Thin [Deviantart]

Another in the list of the best skins in Rainmeter is Paper Thin. The theme is very neat and clean. It is the most colorful theme on the list. I like the design of the theme. It has music player support for Spotify. 

The best thing about this skin is, it has a very nice google search bar. Like other skins on the list, it shows the RAM and  CPU usage of your PC. The lock and shutdown buttons are very attractive.

Get it here

19. Rusa Jantan [Deviantart]

This is my favorite type of Rainmeter theme for Windows 10 PC. It looks very organized and neat. Like previously, it also has a very efficient clock to tell time very conveniently. The clock is in the middle of the theme so you can tell time very easily. 

The skin was first published in 2016 since then it has got 431K views on DeviantArt. 

20. SkyLight [Deviantart]

Again a lesser popular skin but a very beautiful one. It was published in 2018 since then it has only got 125K views. It is a very fancy Rainmeter skin and looks very managed. It shows the weather in a very nice way. At the top right corner, you will see time in very big fonts which you can see from a distance.

You will see all of the disks on your desktop so you can directly access them. 

21. Before Dawn [Deviantart]

First, it was published in 2010, and since then it has got 593K views on DeviantArt. It is one of the oldest Rainmeter themes on the list. On the left side, you will see time in big fonts which is visible from a distance.

In this skin, you will see the CPU and RAM usage on your system. Also, you will see weather information. The unique thing about this skin is you can directly read news from your favorite website.

These are the best Rainmeter skins for Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC and most of them are also compatible with Windows 11. All of these Rainmeter themes are very beautiful and efficient.

I hope that the article has helped you a lot. If you like the article then please share it with your friends on social media. If you have any suggestions please use the comments section.


Does Rainmeter affect the battery?

Answer: Rainmeter will consume some amount of your battery.

What coding language does Rainmeter use?

Answer: Rainmeter is written “Lua” which is a functional programming language. 

How much does Rainmeter cost?

Answer: Rainmeter is a free and open-source program.

Is there Rainmeter for mobile?

Answer: No, Rainmeter is not available on Android and iPhone.

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